Must-buy – this is a real toughie as I’ve got so many products that I love!  So I’m going to suggest a particular tool as a must buy….an eyelash applicator.  Falsies always used to be the part of the makeup routine at competitions that was the biggest pain!  If I tried to apply them before I left the house (when my makeup was complete) then I would have to have total silence….kids couldn’t speak to me, husband couldn’t speak to me and if it still didn’t go right, I’d throw the glue across the room!  (I know, Diva right??? 😛  )

Putting the eyelashes on was such a faff until someone suggested an eyelash applicator….simple…genius!

There are a few versions of them but this is the one I currently have.  Like a pair of twisted tweezers, you squeeze them to open, release it onto the eyelash and you are then able to apply the glue without trying to hold onto the lash with your fingers.  It then gives great control to place them onto your lash line and when in position, simply squeeze it to open.  I then tend to use a bobby-pin to tap the eyelash band down securely but the applicator has put them into the correct place.

I think this is a must-buy because it saves so much hassle and mess!


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