I love Urban Decay Razor Sharp eyeliner.  I briefly reviewed the Black ‘Perversion’ and the White ‘Bump’ as I use them for my competition makeup look, which if you haven’t read already, take a look here: Ballroom Dance Competition Makeup

I don’t likeuse2 really thick eyeliners as my eyes are slightly hooded so when I open my eyes, if I have massive eyeliner lines, you can’t see anything else on my lid…kinda ruins the effort with the colours of eyeshadow I’ve spent so long blending away at!  😛

The Razor Sharp eyeliner allows for a very thin, controlled line, which can then be built upon to the desired look.  They do not smudge or print onto the crease of the eye.  The design on the handle and the small, slim brush help to control the application.  In fact, the swatched colour line on my hand is probably thicker than the line I would use on my eye, I applied it thicker to show the swatch properly.

I already had the Perversion and Bump shades, but was surprised when my husband added the other 3 colours (chosen off his own back too so I was impressed!) for my birthday.  Revolver is probably my favourite colour because it is a gun metal grey, slightly shimmery colour which when I have done a natural looking eye makeup is a great alternative to the starkness of using a black liner.  It is a much softer look.  Push, I haven’t used yet but I think this will look great over Mac’s blue/brown pigment so I will create a look with that over Christmas 🙂 Finally Zodiac, a lovely green colour, again with a slight shimmer, looks great with a range of eyeshadows including browns and actually compliments brighter greens nicely too.


Have you tried theses?  What colour eyeshadows would you use them with?

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