Hot Stone Massage….yes please!

It’s simple, my shoulders are always up around my ears!  Stress, temporary poor posture (don’t tell my Dance Teacher!!), being on the computer too long, sitting awkwardly, lets face it, none of it helps!

I suffer regularly from muscle spasms in my neck and back and have done for years.  According to my GP my neck is so bad thanks to whiplash injuries I sustained years ago as a passenger in 2 different car accidents.   I also have postural scoliosis or a curve in my spine thanks to poor posture 😦  that said, (and as my Dance Teacher will clarify!!) my posture when I started dancing was appalling and as much as I slouch even now in a chair, on the sofa, or being stood for too long, back then, it was horrendous!  In the 7 years that I have been dancing, forget everything else that I get out of dancing, correcting my posture is up there on the biggest changes that have happened.  Good posture develops as you dance more but you’re talking going from being hunched over almost!  Old habits die hard though and when I’m stressed my shoulders do creep up!

I digress!…..I have had physio over the years and sports massage treatments (yes they hurt but work!), but every now and again I treat myself to a Hot Stone Massage by Faye at Tip to Toe 🙂

It is amazing…and I’m going on about it today because that’s where I’ve just come back from.   Hot stones, which retain heat, work to ease pain and muscle tension by increasing the blood flow to the areas affected.  The pressure that is able to be given is also increased by using the stones so the knots in my back and shoulders can really be worked on properly!   Massage is great for helping with stress, insomnia and anxiety through relaxation so overall I’m hoping today’s treatment has not only helped to bring my shoulders back down to earth, but I’m praying I get a good night’s sleep too as I feel so relaxed!  In fact I recall having a hot stone massage once before and actually falling asleep during the treatment!!  Faye assured me I didn’t snore! Haha!

I always come out feeling relaxed and pampered with muscles reset and restored!  I can highly recommend this type of treatment!

IMG_4135.jpgAlso as it’s Christmas, I got a treat!  Mine was a Mad, Cherry Lip Gloss….being the beauty addict that I am I tried it as soon as I got home.  It’s a clear gloss which smells gorgeous!!  In my whole makeup kit, I don’t have a clear gloss ,but I have pigment powders suitable for lips that I never use as I don’t think to buy a clear gloss so it’s a prefect little treat for me 🙂

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