Look of the day….to be honest, that could quite easily have been no makeup and PJ’s all day!  I’m so tired!!!  That’s not a good look in person, let alone taking a photo and adding it to my blog for all to see!! Haha!  So, I thought I would trial the Luxe dry oil that I got in my advent calendar this morning, in a way that I didn’t think I ever would…adding it to my foundation!!

I thought it would be best to use my heaviest foundation for this which is my Estee Lauder Double Wear.  I didn’t use any primer but had my skin care on and fully dry before starting this.

On the back of my hand I mixed a few drops of the foundation with a tiny amount of oil.  When I say tiny, I mean I tipped the bottle up with my finger over the top, then stood it back up again and whatever was left on the tip of my finger was added to the back of my hand.  I did that 3 times and then mixed it on my hand.   Using a blending sponge I dabbed it onto my face until blended.

It went on really smoothly and where Double Wear needs to be worked with quickly, adding the oil seemed to make it more durable and allowed for a bit more time to blend which was a plus.  I don’t usually use much powder at all over this foundation as it doesn’t need it but I dusted a small amount of Laura Mercier setting powder over the top.

Having worn this for a few hours, the oil does interrupt the matte look of the foundation slightly after a couple of hours wear (which I did expect).  Maybe if my skin was dry this would be a great trick.  It doesn’t feel heavy on my skin and for the few hours that it stayed, the finish looked nice and even.  I’m always trying to make my makeup look matte so I don’t think I’d be doing this unless my skin felt dry but it was fun to try 🙂

I completed the look with:

Mac’s Shadester Sculpting Powder

Nars Blush – Deep Throat

Clinique Matte Liquid Lip – Cake Pop

Mac eyebrow automatic pencil

Pixi Brow gel

Estee Lauder Sumptuous lash mascara

Urban Decay Razor Sharp Eyeliner Revolver

For my eyes, as I had less than 3 hours sleep last night and about 4 hours the night before I wanted to make me look more awake!!

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer

Lower waterline lined with a matte white pencil

Eyes:  All over lid and upto brow – Pregame, Crease – Instinct, Outer V and into crease – Extra Bitter (All shades from Urban Decay Ultimate Basics Palette)  Inner corner – Iced from the Full Spectrum Palette.

The finished look for today:


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