Youtube made me buy it!

I do watch a lot of youtube videos…intending to watch one to two and always end up clicking on the next one, and the next…

Youtube has probably influenced a lot of my purchases in all honesty, that and a stack of review searches!

More recently, there have been two items I can blame Youtube for easily!  Laura Mercier Setting Powder and Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Foundation.

Let’s start with the Laura Mercier Translucent Loose setting powder.

This is a lightweight, sheer setting powder which contains ‘cashmere’ talc making it incredibly soft.  It also creates a soft focus finish masking fine lines and skin imperfections with light-reflecting ingredients.  It is oil free and is a bit of a cult favourite among you tubers for not only setting make up but ‘baking’ also.

img_1068I posted a blog about setting powders and finishing powders comparing this to the Nars Translucent powder, see Powder….ready…set…bake…or not!

I find this to be a great setting powder, if not a little heavier than my Nars powder which is my ultimate favourite, but given the white flashback as per this blog Setting Powder Mistake! I needed a powder with colour…even though it is translucent, it isn’t white based like the Nars so is suitable for flash photography.  My dislike with this is the fact that it contains parabens 😦  I didn’t know this until after I bought it but then parabens can only be avoided to a point so given this is the last step of makeup and it’s not being absorbed into my skin like skincare would be, I am prepared to continue to use it.

img_3118The second product that I blame YouTube for is a new foundation…Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Foundation.  This is one product that I bought against my usual ‘ALWAYS get a sample of the foundation’!!  I hate to admit it but not because the colour was wrong….the colour is great!  I went to Westfield Shopping Centre and noticed they have a Charlotte Tilbury store….so I had to have a look!  Found myself sat on a chair infront of a nice mirror, having my makeup removed and all sorts of things applied, including their Magic Cream and WonderGlow primer…Magic Foundation and a touch of pressed powder and it looked AMAZING!  My skin looked so smooth and my pores looked brilliantly concealed.  Done!  Bought!  I then left the centre, went home and no word of a lie, I got home and looked like an oil slick!!  😦  I have had a few confusing emails with their customer services trying to get some advice on why this happened as it is a Matte foundation which is meant to be great for my skin type.  More recently I have had a less confusing email to suggest not to use any primer, and just apply over moisturiser…(and that actually applying the WonderGlow as per the assistant at Westfield did, actually counteracts the foundation’s matte look!)

I have tried it again (prior to today’s email) on top of Hourglass Mineral primer and added Laura Mercier setting powder over the top and the staying power was so much more than the 2 hours previously experienced!   The photos above: 1st – applied over Hourglass primer, 2nd – applied over normal moisturiser.

This evening I applied it over my moisturiser (after it had sunk in to my skin) and again it has stayed longer.  It was applied around 6pm and when I took it off at 11pm, (despite that only being 5 hours, its better than the 2!) it was still looking fine.

I wouldn’t say it is the best foundation I have ever used but what I will say is that a little product goes a long way and gives a great coverage without having to build it up too much. It does have a matte finish and it conceals redness amazingly well so all in all I would rate it as a good foundation.  I’ll continue to experiment with this!


What has Youtube made you buy?

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