Day 2 – Quote of The Day

My favourite quote has to be:


This is a general life quote about getting out there and living despite the hard times…to learn how to stop waiting until the tough times pass, they’ll pass…to get out there and live or do what you can while it’s happening, that can be tough.

I take this quote to be literally about dancing too.  Dancing is a journey, and that journey encounters many ‘storms’ and bumps along the way.  Sometimes at competitions, despite my best efforts, it’s just not my day.  I can’t just go and wait for it to be my day, I have to carry on dancing and practicing even when I have come away from an event feeling like I want to give up!  I have to learn to dance through the bad days so that I develop ready for the good days 🙂

So that’s my favourite quote summed up 🙂

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Picture of quote taken from free printable website

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