25 Days of Blogging – Countdown to Christmas Day 4 :)

4th December already!  My Nan always said ‘it will soon be Christmas’…..but then she said that all year round!  😛

Today’s festive treat was PiXI by Petra, Brow Tamer.


I was using a clear mascara as an eyebrow gel by Miss Sporty, but to be honest, it could do with a replacement as it is turning a funny colour as I use it whenever I use pencil through my eyebrows, so its inevitably turning a brown colour :/

So this as a replacement is a welcome treat!  At 4.5ml, this is a full size product worth £12.00 (Correct pricing on the Marks & Spencer website today).  This continues with my thoughts about this calendar being great value for money.

Clear brow gels are great basic for anyone’s makeup kit.  When I do my makeup during the day, I would use my Mac Automatic Pencil to fill in my eyebrows and then set with a clear gel.  Evening makeup, possibly Benefit Gimmebrow just through preference, no specific reason!  You can use this on it’s own to set the brow, or use with eyebrow pencils or even with eyeshadows applied through the brow to fill them in and then set.

I do like the size of this product as smaller brushes and handles provide greater control over the application.  The brush is only slightly smaller than a mascara applicator however so if you prefer the tiny brow brushes then you may not like this.  Personally, for how I apply it, this is perfect.


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