Powder….ready…set…bake…or not!

Powders…..where to start?  You can set, finish, bake, highlight, conceal, brighten, cover…..you can brush on, sponge on, use a puff and press it on…you can give it a miss altogether!

I for one was hugely confused about powders and what product gave what effect and surely they all just make your face look cakey?  Right?  Wrong!  There are so many powders out there but finding the right one will depend on your preference, your skin type and what other makeup you are using underneath (or on top)!

The main thing with powders is to not use too much…building little by little and blending in is the best way to go!  Overloading with powder will without a doubt lead to a cakey mess  and encourage product to enhance any imperfections on the skin!

In the main I use a liquid foundation and as I have combination/oily skin I need to use a powder to set my makeup to make it last longer and also absorb oil throughout the day.  Liquid / cream followed by powder is a general rule to lock the makeup in place be it for foundation or eyeshadows.  That said there is a method out there which I will blog about separately and I have tried it!  Wayne Goss, Makeup artist has his own method whereby powder is applied before foundation!  More on that next time!

Setting or Finishing????

Setting powder – this is designed to work with foundation to set it in place.  Loose or pressed powder is purely preference.  Some people find loose powders too messy (which they are!!) so opt for a pressed version.   I have both as I use the loose to set my makeup and a pressed for touch-ups if required!

Finishing powder – these help to refine the look of the skin, perfecting pores, fine lines, making it look smoother.  They are designed to be used on top of setting powder.  I have been told before, no don’t use 2 powders, your face will look caked and dry…I believe that is down to application.  Lets face it…..too much of any product is never going to give a decent finish.  Finishing powder isn’t something you’d necessarily use every day, but for events or times when you’ll be having photos taken it gives your skin that extra help!

With all of that said, I am not suggesting that you need to go and buy both types of powder!  I have because I am a makeup addict…simple!

Nars Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder is my ultimate favourite!  I first had the pressed version but to set foundation properly, you need more powder than what you can easily pick up from a pressed powder so I now use this for touch-ups but have the loose version because it is amazing!  It is a white powder, so finely milled it makes the skin feel so soft.  It blends brilliantly but I have made a massive error with this powder in the past…more to come in the next blog!!  The best way to apply this is with a dense brush and push it into the skin with a dabbing motion, then sweep away any excess with a big fluffy brush.

The Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder is a cult favourite and I have been resisting buying it BUT following the mistake with the Nars powder (to be continued….) I wanted to try a setting powder that had a bit of colour to it.  I do like this powder and it is a general hit with so many great reviews.  It does what it claims, but the main thing that puts me off is that it contains Parabens.  I have my views on using parabens and whilst they can’t be totally avoided given how many products they appear in I do like to reduce my exposure to them.  That said, it is pretty much the last stage of make up so I do continue to use this as it is not like my skincare which is sinking into my skin.  I apply this using either a brush if I don’t have much time and just sweep it all over my face paying most attention to my T-zone, or when I do have time, I use a powder puff and a ‘rolling’ action to apply a small amount of powder, then use a big fluffy brush to sweep away any excess.

Diorskin Nude Air is a lightweight finishing powder that is invisible on the skin.  It gives the skin a really soft, natural finish.  It does come with a mini kabuki brush but I find this picks up too much product so I apply with a big fluffy brush and light sweeping actions.   It claims to allow the skin to breathe and acts as a ‘smart fabric’ to protect the skin from pollutants….quite a substantial claim…It is a really nice powder and good to know it should be helping my skin!  As this is a pressed powder, it is great for throwing in my handbag for touch-ups.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders are pretty much in a league of their own!  They give the skin a soft focus and depending on which powder you use, it gives a different lighting effect.  I have the palette of 3, Dim light which I use all over my face to help blur imperfections, Radiant Light – I use this as a soft contour as it is a lovely warm colour, then Incandescent light as a highlight.  All 3 are so incredibly natural looking on the skin, blend beautifully and are great when being photographed.

Watch this space for my Nars powder mistake!!!

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