Hairspray Recommendation!

Unpacking all of my makeup, jewellery and hair stuff from last weekend’s competition, I realised that I had written a blog about makeup, one about the competition etc, but nothing about my hair.

I have in the past been known to cover my hair in all kinds of gels, gel spray, oils, tons and tons of hairspray and when I take my pins out at the end of the day, it is a scarecrow mess! Washing it all out takes a good few attempts which is a waste of shampoo and time!

When on the comp floor one thing that cannot happen is my hair falling down from the style I’ve put it up in!!  Doesn’t matter what pins, jewels, or products I have used, my hair dropping or having loose hair is a NO NO!

I have had my hair in all kinds of styles and so far so good, it has stayed in place all day.  That said, I wanted to reduce how long it takes me to put my hair up on a comp morning without compromising the hold!

I used to:

  • Wash my hair fully
  • Comb it back with lots of a strong hold gel product
  • Tie a hairband in to make a ponytail
  • Add more gel to secure loose flyaway strands
  • Create shape of bun or style with pins, bun sponge, clips etc
  • Spray a gel spray (just to be on the safe side)
  • Add hair jewels
  • Spray tons of any strong hold hairspray

All of that process would take forever!   To then take it all down would be more hassle and with so much gel plus hairspray on my hair, it would be rock solid and need a few attempts with shampoo to remove it.

This is what I now do:

  • Spray either a leave in conditioner or use a hair oil like Argan or Morrocon oilimg_2307
  • Comb back and tie with hairband into a ponytail
  • Create shape using bun sponge, hair net and pins
  • Spray ‘got2b’ Glued blasting freeze spray


This spray is unlike any other hairspray I have used and the hold is in my opinion unrivalled.  I think I paid £2.99 for this and you don’t need to spray a lot to get the desired effect.  When I am putting my hair in a bun for dance class, if I want to hold my fringe back, I will use this but the smallest amount!!  Competition and exam hair styles, I still don’t use anywhere near what I would have used before!

I still use a stack of pins but that is so that I feel my hairstyle is safe and tight.


The best thing I have found about this is the fact it just brushes out!  So given the fact I used a hair oil before starting the style, followed by this hairspray, my hair is so much softer and more manageable when I take the pins out!  My hair feels much healthier than before where I would have to prize pins out where I had put so much product in!

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think in the comments box below or on my facebook page. Follow me on Instagram: beautyandtheballroom and Twitter: @Mazzo7 xx



4 thoughts on “Hairspray Recommendation!

  1. watcherwoman says:

    I have used this hairspray but only once or twice because the spray gummed up and it wouldn’t spray anymore after that. I tried the old running it under warm water for ages but nothing so I had to chuck it out. Actual product was good!

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