Stella & Dot, a sparkle for us and a few £ for Macmillan :)

A few weeks ago, my Mum and I hosted a Stella & Dot show in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support.  A year ago, my Mum was diagnosed with and successfully treated for Breast Cancer, so hosting a party, getting some friends together for tea and cake and a catch-up whilst playing with some sparkly things seemed like a good idea as profits from specially launched products were going to Macmillan.  Added to this, Tori, the lovely Stylist from Stella & Dot was generously donating all of her commission from the party to the charity also!

Armed with chocolate bites, cake and tea…and of course a couple of bottles of vino and with the dining room table covered in an array of sparkles, beads and beautiful colours, the party could begin.

A couple of hours later a total of £133 had been raised for the charity and everyone had something shiny on order!

As hostesses Mum and I got a few items at a great discount as well as some freebies too!
Stella & Dot items come in really cute packaging, very colourful and items are well protected for transit.

One of my favourite pieces was this Pavé Wishing Bracelet, dainty but cute 🙂

I also have the Pavé Chevron Ring and Pavé spear ring which are both lovely, well fitting rings.  The rings are adjustable by squeezing them slightly at the back.  All rings I have had before that adjust at the back, have sharp edges, which from past experience on a competition dance floor, have the risk of getting stuck in my hair net whilst dancing!!  The advantage with these is that they’re smooth on the back which eliminates this issue if being expressive with my arms!  They are both lovely, but as seen below, the gold ring really looks lovely with a tan!

Necklace wise, I have the Jolie Sparkle Chain Link necklace which is gold plated with a sparkle to it.  Looks great teamed with the Astor Sparkle Strand necklace, which is something I hope to add to my collection at a later date.    This does have an extender clasp so it can be worn as more of a choker style, which is really in at the moment, or with the extender to make it slightly longer.  This looks great with a plain black top / dress but I couldn’t wait to try it on when I got it so please ignore the grey!

There were so many lovely pieces it would have been easy to buy more!  Luckily as hostess, the discount really helped!!

I can highly recommend hosting a Stella & Dot show, a great chance for a get together and a chance to spend as long as you want to trying on lots of lovely jewellery.  Victoria Leporiere is a lovely stylist who really knows her products…have a look on her website….

Sparkles aside, £133 raised for charity in an afternoon of friends gathering around shiny things, cake, tea and wine – brilliant!  🙂

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think in the comments box below or on my facebook page. Follow me on Instagram: beautyandtheballroom and Twitter: @Mazzo7 xx


5 thoughts on “Stella & Dot, a sparkle for us and a few £ for Macmillan :)

  1. Rachel Oates says:

    Congrats on raising so much for a fantastic charity! My close-family has had a horrible amount of cancer diagnosis too so it’s pretty close to my heart and I’m glad your mum came through it ok! ❤ Plus, those rings are gorgeous 🙂

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