Blackpool 2016,Grand Finals weekend begins!

Wow!  Actually here!  It’s finally the Blackpool weekend…the highlight of the dance year!!

2 weeks ago I wrote a blog on the Finals Countdown….those 2 weeks have flown by!  Lessons have been done, classes have been attended, dresses have been stoned and now I’ve washed off my tan, I’m sat in the hotel bedroom reflecting on the build up so far and what is yet to come of the weekend.

I’ve tried a different tan brand this time, after using Sienna X for years, which I have loved, the lovely lady that used to do it has stopped tanning, so I asked another lovely lady who uses Tan Truth to do my Blackpool tan.  I’m always worried when trying a new tan, especially if it is for Blackpool as I want it to be right!  I have in the past had some really bad tans, including a Fake Bake spray tan applied at a salon, which after approximately 16 hours, washed off to nothing in the shower!  Not even a white pants line!!  Sienna X was my go-to tan so I was hesitant to try a new one.  Needless to say I was worrying over nothing!  I am BRONZED and beyond!!! The spray itself smelt really nice, and the colour guide was pretty dark but hey! this is Blackpool!   The development time is 2,3 or 4 hours depending on how dark you want the colour to be….I had no choice….I would be in the car for the next five and a half hours!


Sooooo not getting out of the car for a coffee!

Big soft fluffy jumper, PJ bottoms and my slippers on and hoping nobody sees me running to the car!

Double check we have everything….and as long as we have Tickets, Shoes and Dresses….everything else is replaceable!

The journey up wasn’t too bad for a Friday triprainbow2 ‘Up North’, but having crawled through traffic past an accident on the M6, then more traffic
for roadworks, the sign saying M55 Blackpool was quite welcomed as it seemed to be a clear run from there!  We even spotted a couple of rainbows!   🙂


At last!  The Blackpool Tower was in sight…..almost there!  The sight of the Tower does make this whole weekend seem so real…we’re actually here….still 2 days until we dance but the dance weekend is here!  My first Grand Finals competition was held in the iconic Tower Ballroom and although the venue for the last 6 years has been the Winter Gardens Empress Ballroom, there was something about dancing in the Tower Ballroom that will always be special and I can say that I have danced there!

Finally we pulled up at the hotel, Raffles, which we can highly recommend!  Lovely room, very spacious, with lounge and kitchen area too.  Tan has now been on for so long…desperate to head for the shower!!  I can confirm after washing off the guide colour, I am a lovely colour!  Apparently it will get darker tomorrow so we shall see and I shall update!
After a quick jaunt to town for food for dinner, and a sneaky Christmas Salted Caramel   Latte, it’s finally time to relax!

I look back on the last 2  weeks of preparation and in fact the whole year of preparation in general since the last Blackpool event in November last year and feel strange to actually be here, knowing I will be dancing on Sunday!  I’m dancing better in my lessons, I have a lovely new dress to show off and am really excited about the event.

Tomorrow, a trip to the Tower Ballroom for a dance around there, a bit of ‘bling’ shopping which has to be done here, then an evening at the Empress Ballroom for a social night with apparently a surprise in store!

To be continued……


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