Quick hack to fix a broken nail! :)

Oh nooooo!  I have a dance competition this Sunday….d6e0e912-ce8f-4e1b-af7a-75056fd972bbI like to have my nails long and painted bright pink!!  My thumb nail however had other ideas and it split…..half way down my thumb!!!  A hack I have tried and tested numerous times is probably nothing new to a lot of people but then again, I only found out about it within the last year so I’m sure there’s also plenty of people who don’t know about it still!
All you need is a tea bag and nail glue!

  1. Cut a small section from the tea bag to fit across the part of the broken nail
  2. Put a small amount of nail glue directly onto the nail
  3. Place the piece of tea bag onto the glue
  4. Leave to dry then buff the nail so that it is even

(Note….2 and 3 can be done the opposite way around also)


The glue and tea bag form a bond that will stop me snagging the nail any further, and should last as a minimum until Sunday when I need my nails to look good! 🙂

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