Medik8 Gentle Cleanser

Whatever I try from Medik8, I always end up loving it and this cleanser was no exception. The Gentle Cleanse Hydrating Rosemary Foam has become my daily morning cleanser because it is super light, refreshing and leaves my skin feeling clean but not tight or stripped.

Medik8 Gentle Cleanse
Medik8 Gentle Cleanse

The key ingredients are Rosemary Leaf Oil which is used for its antioxidant properties and Glycerin for skin hydration, hence why my skin never feels tight after using this. It’s designed for even sensitive skin types as it is ph balanced and feels airy and light to touch. I use one to two pumps onto dry skin and massage it over my face. I then remove it with a wet flannel. If you don’t like using flannels (I use one with every cleanser I use regardless of type) this foam is so light it could be splashed off too.

Medik8 Gentle Cleanse

If you’re looking for a gentle yet effective cleanser, look no further!

I purchased mine via a local skin clinic … check out the Prodermi website

Have you tried it? I’d love to know your thoughts!

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