Dermatica Prescription

Dermatica – My Journey

So many times last year my sister in law told me to just get on and try Dermatica because I wanted to add Tret into my skincare but was too scared to! Then we went to a Caroline Hirons event in Southampton and after Jess telling her that I was too scared to try Tret, she told me to just do it! Fast forward to 2020 and lockdown … what better time to add something like this into my skincare routine than when I can’t leave the house right?

Dermatica Prescription
Dermatica Prescription
What is Dermatica?

Dermatica is an online Dermatology service…or as they describe themselves ‘The fusion of a multidisciplinary team encompassing consultant dermatologists, pharmacists specialising in dermatology, GPs, clinical researchers and formulation scientists‘ … WOW!

They provide a service that is an accessible and affordable way to obtain individual, prescribed treatment for skin conditions such as acne, hyperpigmentation and melasma aswell as targeting anti-ageing.

How does Dermatica work?

It was so simple to get started with Dermatica! I created an account, answered some questions about my skin and my concerns, my overall health and medication details, uploaded some makeup free photos and sent it off to be evaluated! I happened to sign up around the same time as so many others at the start of lockdown so there was a slight delay in getting my advice but that was totally understandable and I was kept informed of my account progress. My prescription suggestion actually came to me ahead of when they’d estimated it to. The treatment costs £19.99 per month with £2.90 postage.

My prescription

My first prescription was to target signs of aging and also some hyperpigmentation that I had, mostly on my forehead. The treatment dispensed was for 0.025% Tretinoin and 4% Hydroquinone. Tretinoin is a vitamin A derivative, a prescription strength retinoid. It works by speeding up the cell turnover of the skin resulting in healthier and younger looking skin. It helps to improve fine lines and damage caused by sun damage. (It is also known to be good for treating acne). Hydroquinone is used to reduce hyperpigmentation by reducing the number of pigment cells.

Dermatica Prescription
Dermatica Prescription

To use you just cleanse, apply the treatment then follow with a simple moisturiser. The key to protecting the skin however is to be strict with using SPF in the morning routine!

My thoughts

My initial thoughts on my new skincare addition was that it was nowhere near as scary as I thought it would be to use! It is simply a cream that applies and absorbs well. I’m not sure what I expected, perhaps a tingle or a slight burn, but no, it’s so much easier than that haha!

After a week I noticed I had what I called ‘Vera the Volcano’ appear on my chin! No other reaction or peeling or anything like that, just one huge spot! By week two as much as it was still there, it was not painful and had reduced a lot. At this point I also started switching up my evening skincare routine to add in a hydrating serum or an oil, nothing harsh but just adapting my routine a little so I could include some of the products I usually enjoy! At three weeks, the main spot was gone and I’d suffered just few smaller ones but again, no other adverse reactions. I had also used a little Azelaic Acid on a couple of the smaller spots during my morning routine and this had no ill effect. I took a comparison photo at week 4 and noticed a small improvement in my skin! The pigmentation on my forehead was decreasing and the overall texture seemed to be starting to improve also.

I continued with my treatment and after the first month, my prescription was increased to 0.05% Tretinoin with the 4% Hydroquinone. I continued to notice improvements in my forehead pigmentation and slight improvements in my overall skin appearance. If I do get any spots they don’t seem to fully surface and go just as quickly as they appeared so my skin is in much better condition and seems brighter.

Fast forward 5 months to now and I have taken another comparison photo again comparing to the initial photo from back in May …

My latest prescription has changed. I am still using 0.05% Tretinoin but this time it is mixed with Niacinamide 4% … I have only used this twice so will continue to monitor my skin. Niacinamide is an ingredient that I already use in my morning routine (or have been for around a month). It is also known as Vitamin B3 and again works on fine lines and pigmentation.

Overall thoughts so far

I am enjoying using my Dermatica treatment! It is definitely making a difference to my skin and I accept that this is a continuous process!

To be continued…

Have you tried Dermatica? Let me know in the comments below!

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7 thoughts on “Dermatica – My Journey

      • Pamela says:

        Nice post, you look so good. I’ve been using dermatica for the past nine months and it’s been amazing how much different my skin is after I started. I didn’t have terrible skin but suffered from PIH, the occasional breakout, and a couple of small scars. In the last couple of months I went to Retin-a 0.025%(tretinoin) from other source and wow. So glad ❤️ I googled ‘Ret247get’ and got retin-a. My skin is now glowy and radiant, no sign of any breakouts, and so soft. The scarring has disappeared, the PIH has diminished quite a bit in conjunction with my use of VitC. There’s definitely more peeling with Retin-a, but still not terribly bad and I just moisturise more.


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