Beauty Pie Makeup

In November last year I was asked what I wanted for my birthday and as a Beauty Pie subscriber, my Sister in law suggested I could try some Beauty Pie products if I wanted as I’m not (currently, but will be!) a subscriber! I did jump at this option and sent a list of things I wouldn’t mind trying. This is what I got:

Beauty Pie Makeup
Beauty Pie Makeup

Ultra Pro Colour Gel Eyeliner – ‘Very Pretty Plum’ – I love a nice soft eyeliner and hate anything scratchy! This gel eyeliner pencil is easy glide so applies easily without dragging on my lid. The colour has a great payoff and once it is on it doesn’t budge! Such a lovely shade too and something different to a typical brown or black eyeliner that I usually go for!

One Powder Wonder – Having heard great things about this powder I thought I would give it a go. I have a lot of loose powders but have been on the look out for a translucent powder compact that I could put in my handbag. This powder is fantastic! I swipe it through my T-zone and it takes down shine and sets my makeup perfectly. If I am simply wearing SPF or a BB cream and have a bit of excess shine, this is great to just take that down. It sits beautifully on my skin and doesn’t cake up or affect whatever I’m applying it over. I do think it helps to blur my skin a little too. Super lightweight and doesn’t dry my skin out either. I can’t rave about this powder enough!

Beauty Pie Makeup
Beauty Pie Makeup

Easy Smokey Eyes Perfect Pocket Palette – I have to be honest, when I first tried this, I didn’t rate it! I found the shades to not give great pigment and they seemed a little chalky so I put it in my draw and didn’t really use it. Fast forward to last week and I thought I would give it another go…let’s face it, I’ve got plenty of time to play with makeup at the moment! I started with the centre shade but decided to use it with a wet brush and pressing it onto my mobile lid. It looked beautiful! The shimmer really brightened my eyes. I then took the 2nd shade and pressed this into my crease (and slightly above as my eyelids are hooded) and it gave my eyes definition. Lastly, I used the far shade in the outer corner and through the outer part of my lower lashes. I also popped a little touch of the 4th shade in the centre of my mobile lid. I hadn’t intended on wearing any makeup that day but was pleased with how the eyeshadow had turned out, so I completed the look! I’ve totally changed my mind on this little palette, it really is a perfect easy smokey eye palette!

These are the items I used to complete the look:

Makeup items: Bare Minerals Prime Time BB Cream | Hourglass Ghost Palette | Clinique Lipstick | Mac Brow Pencil | Beauty Pie Gel eyeliner pencil | Beauty Pie Easy Smokey Eye Palette

If you’d like to know more on Beauty Pie, my thoughts and those of Jess from Sk.Insta.story you can check out our Podcast by heading to the link below or searching ‘Sisters in Skincare’ on whatever Podcast platform you use! (The link here may show our latest episode but there is a Beauty Pie one there too honest! Haha!)

Have you tried Beauty Pie? I will certainly be signing up when I’m back at work!

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23 thoughts on “Beauty Pie Makeup

  1. fayeellen14 says:

    Your make up looks really nice 🙂 love your eye make up! I was going to sign up to beauty pie when I was doing a make up course but sadly I’ve completed it now and can’t afford :(. It does look like really nice make up though 🙂

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