Beauty Advent Calendar Day 6 – Autograph

As a self-confessed makeup addict, skincare addict, brush addict, I guess general beauty addict, having a little treat every day until Christmas is perfect. I’ve said it before but one of the best things about a beauty advent calendar is that I am trying brands that I wouldn’t usually look at necessarily. This year is the 4th time I’ve had a beauty calendar and I’ve found so many products that I love and have continued to buy. Not everything of course! Haha!

So day 6 is … Autograph Black Kohl Eyeliner

Autograph Black Kohl Eyeliner
Autograph Black Kohl Eyeliner

This is said to be a soft formula with jojoba oil that lasts all day. Suitable for both upper lids and waterline, with blendability to create a smokey look.

One thing I look for when trying to find a new eyeliner is that it is not scratchy. I have in the past had some premium brand eyeliners that are so solid and scratchy on the lids and I wouldn’t dare use them on the waterline! So, soft yet long lasting is what I would be looking for. I will try this liner over the weekend in a couple of ways to see if it’s one that gets a thumbs up from me! I’m keen to see also how it compares to the other brands that I am using now as this pencil (given it is a full size) is £7.50, much cheaper than those I use now! We shall see!

Almost a week into Advent, what goodies have you had in your calendar? I’d love to know!

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