Odacité Po + R Hydration Serum Concentrate

Odacité Po + R Hydration Serum Concentrate

Just over a year ago I purchased the Caroline Hirons x Space NK Clean Decoded box, which contained a few things that I already loved plus some exciting new things to try. I do try to use up serums that I have before opening new one to avoid wastage through a product being open too long so the Odacité Po + R Hydration Serum Concentrate wasn’t in fact opened until recently!

Odacité Po + R Hydration Serum Concentrate
Odacité Po + R Hydration Serum Concentrate

This little bottle packs a punch! Pomegranate oil is a natural source of punicic acid which works also to reduce inflammation in the skin and improve texture whilst Rose Geranium is said to lift mood, help harmonise emotions and even contains antidepressant qualities! The serum also contains Vitamin E and essential oils balanced to hydrate the skin without increasing oiliness in the skin. It can be used neat to the skin or added to moisturiser, of which I’ve tried it using both methods and mixing it with my moisturiser is what I have mostly done as it is quicker and also makes the serum go further! I used it neat when I was taking my time with my routine and allowed it to sink into my skin before applying moisturiser for an instant intense hydration boost.

Morning Routine
Morning Routine

My thoughts?

I LOVE this serum! It smells amazing (which I know shouldn’t be a factor but it’s certainly as described in terms of mood enhancing and relaxing in scent!). My skin feels amazing after using this and it gave my daily moisturiser a fantastic kick. I could tell the difference in how my skin felt if I used it or if I didn’t. My skin was left feeling smooth and hydrated every time. I am actually pretty sad that this is now empty as I have loved adding into my routine. It has fitted into my routine well without causing any issues with other products and I will definitiely be repurchasing when I’ve used up some of my other serums!!

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