Beauty Blender Solid Cleanser

‘The Ultimate Makeup Sponge and Brush Cleanser’
Beauty Blender blender cleanser
Beauty Blender blender cleanser

If there’s one thing I am very strict with, it’s the cleanliness and hygiene of my Makeup brushes and sponges, not just in my pro kit but also my own! I have cleaned my brushes in various ways, mixing baby shampoo and antibacterial hand wash soap, a Stylpro device or even just a solid cleanser like this.

What is the Beauty Blender ‘Blender cleanser solid’?

This solid brush and sponge cleanser is essentially a ‘soap bar‘ for brushes. It is infused with lavender, coconut and sustainable palm oils which leave sponges and brushes clean and smelling fresh. The hygiene protection offered by this cleanser is against 99.7% of harmful germs. If stains remain, the protection is still there. It is paraben free, phthalate free and sulphate free.

How to use the Beauty Cleanser Solid …

Beauty Blender Cleanser solid
Cleaning Brushes

To clean my brushes, I first wet the brush under running water. I then swirl the brush on the solid block, which lathers up the product. Although this pot also contains a mini pink pad to scrub brushes onto, I use my own which is slightly bigger and I find more effective especially when cleaning foundation brushes!!! The last step is to rinse and then I leave my brushes to dry. If I am in a hurry I do use my Stylpro device to quickly dry them … literally taking seconds!

To clean my Beauty Blenders and other sponges, again I wet the sponges, swirl them onto the solid cleanser then massage so that the product is getting the sponge as clean as possible. The mini pink pad that comes with the solid is great for using with the sponges too. I then rinse and leave to air dry. Note: Never put sponges away whilst wet … if they don’t air dry, mould will be encouraged to grow wherever you’ve stored them if in damp surroundings.

Beauty Blender cleanser and Brushes
Beauty Blender Cleanser and Brushes

My thoughts:

I love this cleanser! It’s quick and easy to use, saves me messing around mixing hand soap and baby shampoo with water and so on! It’s great for travelling as it’s just a small pot so great for taking away … which I will definitely be dong when I go away for two weeks in august … I don’t think I’d want to not wash my brushes in that amount of time! I could take a ‘spot cleaner’ but those are in bottles and have potential to leak in my suitcase! This is compact and travel friendly – perfect!

Have you tried the Blendercleanser?

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