M&S Beauty Advent Calendar – Day 23 – Autograph

It’s Christmas Eve Eve!! How exciting!! Two more sleeps until Christmas day and one more sleep until the men start their shopping .. ok so I stole that from a meme somewhere and actually in my house it’s been the opposite way around. My husband has been super organised this year and I haven’t! I have pretty much now finished shopping and Turkey is on collection for tomorrow morning so today is a ‘Duvet Day’ with films all day!

So, today’s beauty treat from M&S is:

Autograph Luminosity Luxe Multi Bronzer

Autograph Luxe Multi Bronzer
Autograph Luxe Multi Bronzer

The photo of this bronzer doesn’t do the gorgeousness of it justice! The soft warm multi-toned shades can be used individually or as a sweep together to create a beautiful bronzed shimmer look to the skin. This kind of bronzer is definitely one I would use instead of using a separate highlighter as adding a shimmer on the top of this would likely be too much. There’s just enough in this to give a lovely glowy effect without looking over-done.

Along with being cruelty free, this bronzer is hypoallergenic, paraben free, alcohol free and vegan friendly.

They retail at £12.50 for the full size product. As I don’t know the weight of this particular one, I can’t comment on the value of it in the calendar – it may be the same size, I haven’t seen the full one to say but for £12.50 in a compact including a mirror, I think they’re a great value addition to any makeup kit!

Do you have a beauty advent calendar?  If so I’d love to know what treats you’re getting too! 

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