Skin Iceland Berry Lip Fix

M&S Beauty Advent Calendar – Day 7 – Skin

Christmas Kisses

Day 7!! … day 7!! … a week into December already and I haven’t done any Christmas shopping!  Well, actually that’s a mini lie because I have ordered one present for a super cool little dude who lives in Australia and that’s on it’s way thanks to a fab lady called Katherine who owns Granny Stitch and Friends but apart from that I really need to get myself sorted!!

Anyway, back to the M&S beauty calendar and my treat today is…

Skyn Iceland Berry Lip Fix

Skyn Iceland Berry Lip Fix

The Skyn Iceland Berry Lip Fix with Wintered Red Algae is said to be a combination of restorative plant peptides, oils and extracts giving an instant moisture hit as well as continued hydration to smooth, renew and restore even very dry lips.

It contains:

  • Shea butter for nourishment
  • Olive oil which is antioxidant and contains vitamin E to help protect dry, chapped lips.
  • Sweet Almond oil to rejuvenate and help restore the lip’s natural moisture barrier
  • Wintered red algae (which I had never heard of before!) but claims to be a mineral-rich skin conditioner for long lasting hydration.

Plus points include: Paraben and alcohol free, vegan-friendly and as a brand, Skyn Iceland are PETA certified Cruelty free.

I do suffer with dry, chapped lips, especially during winter so this is a perfect product for me to be trying out!  I also prefer lip balms that are in tubes as opposed to pots as they’re certainly more hygienic!    The texture is quite rich and almost more like a moisturiser but with an oily feel to it.  On application my lips feel hydrated straight away which was one of the claims and at the point of writing this post I would say I have been wearing it for around an hour and I can still feel it working.  So many lip balms dry up and make my chapped lips worse so I will certainly be putting this to the test!  The 12ml tube is handbag size / pocket size so I will be seeing how often I feel I need to reapply during the day when I take it out with me.  A full review will follow of course, this is just my initial thoughts!  Oh and not that it should matter … but it smells lovely too!  😛 

This 12ml tube in the advent calendar is a full size product and is valued at £12.

Do you have a beauty advent calendar?  If so I’d love to know what treats you’re getting too! 

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