Bombay Sapphire Gin Distillery

Although my blog is predominantly beauty and dance, every so often I like to add a few other things in as I did when I went to New York!  On my husband’s birthday this year I decided to book a Cocktail Making Masterclass at the Bombay Sapphire Gin Distillery!  Not that we are gin drinkers as such, but I thought it sounded like an interesting place to visit and from what I had heard, the cocktail making masterclass was tons of fun so I booked it … and we’re definitely converted to gin now!!  😛

Bombay Sapphire Gin Distillery

Laverstoke Mill – Bombay Sapphire Gin Distillery

The Bombay Sapphire Distillery is located in a small village called Laverstoke, which isn’t too far from where I live in Hampshire.  The site itself dates back to 903AD and is recorded as a corn mill in the Doomsday Book of 1086.  Bombay Sapphire bought the mill back in 2010 and opened to the public as recently as 2014.   Alongside it’s heritage which is documented throughout the distillery buildings, the conservation site on which it sits has the River Test running through it making for beautiful scenery all around.

Bombay Sapphire Gin Distillery

Bombay Sapphire main building

So…our trip…

As much as I don’t drink very often, I certainly wanted to make the most of the trip so we opted to get the train which took a mere 8 minutes, followed by a Bombay Sapphire bus…taking a further 8 minutes!  We went with a couple of friends of ours and our class was booked for 11am so we made sure to have a decent breakfast … again … priorities 😛

The cocktail making masterclass is £40 and lasts for around an hour, during which we were able to learn how to, and have a go at, making ‘The Laverstoke’ and one other cocktail of which the name escapes me (I will update this when I find out what it was called…and no I hadn’t drunk too much to remember I’ve just genuinely forgotten haha!)  and whilst we enjoyed our drinks, we were shown a few other cocktails.

Cocktail Making Masterclass

We each had our own set of equipment and ingredients to enable us to make it exactly how we were being shown.  Instructions were perfectly easy to follow and as it was demonstrated, some of the history and interesting facts about the drinks were being shared by a very knowledgeable host.


Equipment and ingredients to make the cocktails.

Following the masterclass, we had time to self-tour around the site, learning about the history of the old mill and how it was transformed into the working distillery that it is today.  Once we reached the Still House, we were taken on a guided tour where it was explained to us how the unique vapour distillation process works.  As small as the Still House may be, the work that goes on in there is powerful and extremely potent!  The final part of that experience was to make our way around the botanical samples, smelling each one and deciding which we liked or didn’t like.  In marking the ones we liked from a card, we could then figure out which one of the cocktails we would most likely enjoy at the bar!  As we had booked the masterclass and already had two cocktails there, a third drink at the bar was also included!  Although we had left our car at home and taken the train and bus, if you do drive (or would prefer not to drink), you can take away a cocktail pack to make it at home instead!


Bombay Sapphire Gin Distillery Dakin Still House

The iconic part of the Distillery that has photos appearing on Instagram is the huge Glasshouses which house the exotic botanicals that go into the Bombay Sapphire gin.   Following the Still House tour and checking out which botanicals we liked the smell of, we were then able to head into the Glasshouses to look up close at what’s inside.  It really is a fascinating experience!


Botanicals Glasshouses

The final part of the visit was of course the bar!  Going on my botanical choices I opted to try a ‘Strawberries no cream’ cocktail which was lovely!  Overall though, my favourite drink was the ‘Laverstoke’ which since this visit, we’ve started drinking at home!!


‘The Laverstoke’

I would highly recommend a visit to the distillery!  If you’re not sure if you like gin – these cocktails will certainly make your mind up for you!!  😛


Bombay Sapphire Shop at the end of the tour!

Have you ever been to the Bombay Sapphire?  If so, what’s your favourite cocktail?

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  1. Thebeautyspyglass says:

    What a lovely idea! I would never think to do anything like this for Dan’s birthday haha. You’ve inspired me!! Always a bit tricky for me, as both Lily and Dan share the same birthday so it’s always a joint thing on the actual day. Could book something like this for a later date I guess! Glad you had fun.

    Samantha x

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