June Empties

How on earth are we already almost half way through July?? …….. That sentence alone shows how busy this month has been so far as I wrote that on 12th July …. we are almost a week further on and I am only completing this post today – 18th July!    The last 6 weeks or so have just flown by!!  One thing is for sure, my blog post writing has fallen a bit behind so I am sorry for that however I am back and ready to write – although still busy, but back all the same!!

Here’s my empties from June:


Autograph Hydrating Confidence Boost Primer


I received this in my Marks & Spencer’s advent calendar and said I would review when I’d used it…so…the verdict it…I LOVE IT!   I have always used silicone based primers and didn’t think I would like this at all!  It is completely clear in colour so is invisible on the skin.  It contains aloe and cucumber so is lovely and soothing.  Hypoallergenic, fragrance free and paraben free are all ticks in my book.  My makeup has applied so well on top of this and my skin has felt hydrated even when using a powder or heavier foundation!

Would I repurchase?

Yes!  I will certainly be buying this.  My skin loves it!

Molton Brown Templetree Body Wash

Molton Brown Templetree Body Wash

There isn’t much I can say about this body wash other than it’s one of my absolute favourites and smells AMAZING!  Fragrant Jasmine, Fruity Rose and Sandalwood are a perfect mix!

Would I repurchase?

Yes!  Definitely!  This is a total treat body wash so I will certainly buy this again.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Body gel Cream 

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Body Gel Cream

I am trying to be better when it comes to looking after my skin on my body…which sounds like an odd statement to make but I know from comments on Instagram when I’ve posted about body creams in the past that I’m not the only one who pays lots of attention to skincare in terms of the face…but what about the body?  I’m not exactly perfect at using body creams but I am trying!  Neutrogena’s Hydro Boost body care range is inspired by their face care.  It is said to be ‘powered by Hyaluronic Acid’ which is essential for keeping water in the skin.  I tend to use this after a shower when my skin is still damp.  I do like the cream as it’s lightweight and absorbs nicely.  That said my complaint about this is the packaging.  The pump is not suitable for the the consistency of the gel-cream.  Part way through the bottle, the pump stopped working and whenever I wanted to use this I had to undo the top, and bounce the bottle upside down onto my hand…usually resulting in some lost product as it splatters out of the bottle!

Would I repurchase?

It is currently on offer in Boots for £3.33 so it’s tempting but I do have other body creams that I need to use up.  If you can get past the pump issue then it’s a bargain!

The Body Shop Skin Defence SPF50

The Body Shop Skin Defence SPF50

The only introduction this one needs is a link to a previous blog post :  The Body Shop Skin Defence SPF50  as all of the information on this is in there!

Would I repurchase?

I already have and am still using it.  This one bottle lasted a few months being used every morning (I top up with a spray SPF when I need to).   Yes I would repurchase again!

Elsa’s Organics Natural Deodorant Stick

Elsa's Organics Natural Deodorant Stick

I first received this as part of a campaign from the Triyit Discovery box.  I was keen to try it as the scent is Bergamont and Lime which is one of my favourite essential oil combinations.  When I had an oil burner I would burn Bergamont, Lime and Corriander and it smelt wonderful and fresh – just like this deoderant stick does.  It works really well so this does get a thumbs up from me!

Would I repurchase?

Yes, I bought another two!

Clinique 2-in-1 Cleansing Micellar Gel

Clinique 2-in-1 Cleansing Micellar Gel

This was a sample size – which I always think are fantastic way to try new products.  I also saw it on a Caroline Hirons post so I knew it was going to be a good one to try!  Generally speaking I will always double cleanse using Clinique Take The Day Off Balm, followed by another cleanser – usually an Omorovicza one or Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm but I do have others.  Micellar waters and gels and so on are something I would perhaps use on the rare occasion I am being lazy with skincare (Sorry Caroline!) … but I am talking if I get in at 1am – which again…is NOT often at all!  It’s also a great one for travelling as you don’t need water to rinse it off.  I’d say this is much kinder and much more gentle way to remove your makeup if you are a user of face wipes which can be super drying to the skin!

Would I repurchase?

Yes!  I am going to Spain in a few weeks so this is on my Duty Free list!  😛

Sample Size Perfumes

You could say I’m a bit of a perfume sample size hoarder – which would be an accurate way to describe me!  These are two that I have used in the last month that I absolutely love!  As with most things, sample sizes are great for handbags or travelling…I’d much prefer to take one or two of these away with me on holiday than a whole bottle of perfume!  Estee Lauder Modern Muse and Dior J’adore are beautiful fragrances and are two that I would definitely have full sizes of!

Would I repurchase?

Yes…I don’t buy perfume for myself very often … I do have a few full sizes that are my favourites but I would certainly buy these or have them on a birthday / christmas Wishlist!

Pixi By Petra – Lift Lip Max ‘Honey Sheen’

Pixi Lip Lift

This was part of the 2017 Advent Calendar from Marks & Spencer which I am a huge fan of!  In fact, check out this post to see more from when I received it!  M&S Beauty Calendar Day 20

Would I repurchase?

Yes!  Definitely!  I’m not always a fan of lip glosses but this is one of my favourites.  All lip gloss will be sticky to a point if you’re not used to wearing it but this is very comfortable to wear and doesn’t feel tacky like some can.   I definitely want to pick up another one of these soon!

Clinique Moisture Surge

Clinique Moisture Surge

If you watch my insta – stories at all or even follow my Instagram you will see this alot!  I have used this moisturiser in my AM routine for a few years now and I absolutely love it!  So much so that when I was in Duty Free heading for Iceland in January, ignoring the fact I had a 50ml pot in my spares draw from a Christmas set (as well as an open pot on my dresser!) I bought a travel retail size set … then boarded the plane to find out they had an additional 20% off on board…so I bought another one!  😛  This is a staple in my routine and every time I try a new moisturiser or sample one, I always go back to this!  The newer version, for anyone wondering, is the one I currently have open and I love it.  Sometimes when products are reformulated there’s a risk that customers won’t like it – personally it’s a wonderful upgrade and leaves my skin feeling super hydrated!

Would I repurchase?

After reading the above…can you tell?  Yes!  Even if I have a spare or two I will still buy more of this!  PLEASE Clinique!!  Never discontinue this!!!!

Phew, ok, I am glad I’ve finished this post as by the time it is published it will be almost time to write July’s empties post and I have a few more blogs to write before then!!

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