M&S Beauty Advent Calendar Day 10

Ok so this has been a bit of a catch up on the Advent Calendar posts as I had missed a few!  There are some non-advent calendar posts coming soon I promise!!  Haha!

Today….day 10….

Formula Innovate Radiance Reveal Peel


I am quite excited about this one as I love peel products!  The ones that I have used so far have left my skin feeling amazing and looking much clearer.

Last year the Formula product in the calendar was the Formula Absolute Sleep Cream which I LOVE!  I tired it first from the calendar and once that was empty, I continued to buy this and am on my second pot.  I don’t use it every night given I use other products but alternate nights I use it and I love it so I am looking forward to trying this peel in my routine.

It is one that is used on dry skin after cleansing and is then rinsed away leaving your skin prepped for the next steps of your usual routine so it sounds like something I can slip into my routine as an alternative so one of my other peels that I use in the same way.

Said to be ultra-mild and tingle free which I am interested to see what effect this product has on my skin as some peels do tingle and to me that is a sign that it’s working perhaps? I could be wrong of course!!!

£17.50 for 50ml is the usual sale price for the full size product meaning that this 15ml sample is worth £5.25.

Fragrance free, Paraben Free and suitable for all skin types…..sounds great so far!!!


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