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Bath & Body Works NYC – Haul

On our 3rd day in New York, we headed to the shops!  One shop I wanted to find was Bath & Body Works as I had heard so much about how their products smell amazing!  They are well known for their candles but I was slightly concerned that my basket was already quite heavy and didn’t fancy getting to the airport and finding out I was over on my baggage allowance…looking back, I could easily have brought back more!!

When I walked into the shop, I was greeted and given a quick low-down on the best deals they had that day and what can be mixed with what to save a few more dollars.

So what did I buy?


A Thousand Wishes Fine Fragrance Mist…..This spritz has a very addictive, sweet but beautiful scent and as soon as I tested it I put it straight into my basket!  Of course I had to add to that the matching Shower Gel!!  Key notes: Pink Prosecco, Sparkling Quince, Crystal Peonies, Gilded Amber, Amaretto Crème.  Heavenly!

Pretty as a Peach Body Lotion…..Literally an explosion of sweet peach as soon as you open the lid!  It is gorgeous!!  Key notes: Blushing Peach, Jasmine Petals, White Nectarine, Apple Blossom, Sheer Freesia – add to that Aloe, Vitamin E and Shea butter….. you can’t read that and tell me those notes don’t scream loveliness!!

At The Beach Shower Gel & Body Cream…..White frangipani, toasted coconut & bergamot water, aloe butter, cocoa butter and coconut oil ….. a really summery scent that  you can easily see where the name came from!  It may be winter here but I’ve bought these ready for summer!!

Japanese Cherry Blossom (Travel Size)…..I was probably starting to be worried about baggage allowance as I headed for the travel size products! Haha!  Another sweet (but not sickly) body spray which smells divine! Key notes: Japanese Cherry Blossom, Asian Pear, Fresh Mimosa Petals, White Jasmine and Blushing Sandalwood.  Another gorgeous scent.

Black Cherry Merlot Hand Cream…..I really am running out of ways to describe the products I bought from Bath & Body Works because they are all just amazing!   Dark Cherry, Black Rasberry and Merlot, shea butter and vitamin E – perfect ingredients for a beautifully scented hand cream that will moisturise and soften your hands!!

‘Pocketbac’ Antibacterial hand gel – Japanese Cherry Blossom & Peach Bellini…..these little bottles are not like your standard hand gel, they, like everything else, smell amazing!  Especially the peach bellini!!  With Aloe and Vitamin E, they wont dry your skin like some hand gels can. The Japanese cheery blossom is a mix of blossoms, Asian pear and Sandalwood.  The Peach Bellini is peach, white apricot and mango….why oh why did I not buy more???

That’s my haul in Bath & Body Works!!  I did go around the shop for so long testing all kinds of products and admiring how amazing the candles smelt but decided not to bring candles back because of the weight!  (I could have fit one in I hate to admit!!).

Have you tried any of these?  What is your favourite item from Bath & Body Works?

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Bath and Body Works


19 thoughts on “Bath & Body Works NYC – Haul

  1. Maya Meshoulam says:

    I have the A Thousand Wishes mist as well, along with a few others. I’ll admit I don’t use them often! I also have a few hand sanitizers, a Japanese Cherry Blossom shower gel, a body lotion and some mini candles (if you ever go again – these mini candles are so travel friendly!)
    My favorite B&BW scent is Dark Kiss and I have a perfume in that scent that I absolutely love!!! ❤

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  2. MissM says:

    Japanese Cherry Blossom is my favourite! 🌺 I am yet to snag the candle version of it! The candles are so heavy and I had to make that decision too when I was in Los Angeles a while ago, did not want that extra fee haha!
    Love reading your blog as always!

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  3. Thebeautyspyglass says:

    You picked up some lovely products. The most sounds perfect. I love a sweet smelling fragrance! Also love the sound of the peach scented lotion. I haven’t heard much about this brand, must’ve been living under a shell!
    Thanks for sharing them xx

    Liked by 1 person

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