New York City – Final Day

Our final day in New York wasn’t quite as much of an early start as the other days had been so we packed our cases after breakfast then checked-out, leaving our cases with the Bell-staff for the day as we headed out on a walk to the Intrepid Museum.

One of the main attractions that my hubby wanted to see (and lets face it, he had put up with a lot of makeup shops on the day before!!) was Concorde.  We had booked a tour of Concorde at 9am so this meant we were also able to get in to the museum before the general public were allowed in at 10am.

The tour itself was very informative and interesting, being taken through the history of Concorde, the stories linked to that specific aeroplane and also the events leading to Concorde’s demise in 2003.  There were only four of us on the tour which was great as we had plenty of time.  It was really interesting to find out about a plane which carried plenty of famous people or those with the money to spare to experience this flight.  London Heathrow to New York JFK took 3.5hours but for one flight by Captain Leslie Scott on this aircraft who set a time of 2hrs, 52mins and 59 seconds….as noted on the cockpit ceiling!   A great tour to do and one we would both highly recommend doing if you’re in New York!

Following our tour we continued into Intrepid to view the Enterprise Space Shuttle and other planes that are housed on the aircraft carrier on the Hudson.

As our return taxi back to the airport wasn’t until 5pm, we walked back along the streets we had come down, picking up a $1 slice of pizza…another thing ticked off the list! Haha!

The streets around Fifth Avenue were heaving!  It’s that simple!  Areas were closed off by Police, roads closed and barriers were up along the pavements.  A Hispanic Parade was taking place!  Walking down the streets between shops was a bit of a nightmare but it was quite fun to see it all happening!

Getting back to the hotel a little earlier than planned gave the perfect excuse for a coffee….of course accompanied by a Baileys or two! 😛

After a rather anxious and stressful taxi ride to the airport (that in itself is a long story!!) we finally left New York’s JFK airport at 9.30pm and arrived back at Heathrow around 9am on Monday.  Having been awake from 6am on the Sunday (11am UK time), and having no sleep on the plane, I had been awake for almost 24 hours by the time we got home!  Talk about tired!

New York really was worth the wait!  Almost 10months after my hubby told me we were going as a surprise for our 15th Wedding Anniversary, it is strange to think it has now been and gone!  What an amazing place!


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13 thoughts on “New York City – Final Day

  1. Maya Meshoulam says:

    I just read all your NYC posts (finally!) and it seems like you had an incredible time! There are so many places you’ve mentioned that I saw last year, as well as some places I am putting on my list for next time (whenever that will be!).
    Also, you and your hubby are a gorgeous couple! Your kids must be gorgeous as well! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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