New York City – Day 3

Day 3 in New York was another early start but walking through Times Square at 7am isn’t exactly silent but by comparison to how crazy it becomes rather quickly, it was comparably quiet!

Being out so early meant we had time to casually wander around as shops generally weren’t open until around 10am….and today was assigned to shopping!!

We grabbed a coffee and walked through to Fifth Avenue and had to of course at least go and have a photo taken outside Tiffany’s with my coffee 😛

We also decided to check out New York Public Library, which was on my ‘Tourist’ list and one that I relate to the movie ‘The Day After Tomorrow’….. of course many other films are also linked to this amazing building but given how many times I have seen The Day After Tomorrow, I could visualise the film as I walked in and through various corridors and rooms.  In some respect it’s also pretty eerie!!  In the 2nd photo down on the right below, I could even imagine the scene in the film of the wave heading for the library…’s pretty cool to be wandering around a building that is functioning every day as a library for people to use yet as a Tourist, it’s like walking around a film set! Haha!

Of course, once the shops were open, that was me kept busy for a good few hours!!  From Levi’s to Macy’s, Sephora to Bath & Body Works, I was in my element!  I had been on a make-up buying ban for almost a year since originally being told I would be going to New York, my spending ban went into force!!   As you can see below, I did quite a good job!!   Haul posts will be up soon!

We did however find below…. my husband’s view of what he thinks he looks like whilst waiting for me to pick a product from the thousands on the shelves of Sephora!!


That evening, we had a reservation at Benjamin’s Steakhouse.  This was booked well in advance as we had heard it was amazing.  We wanted to go somewhere for a special meal whilst we were in New York as our original trip was meant to be over our 15th Wedding Anniversary so this was our anniversary meal and my hubby’s 40th birthday combined and we were not disappointed with the food, or the experience.

The restaurant was quite small in comparison to some but this added to the atmosphere. The food was simply amazing!  I had a French Onion soup to start and hubby had ‘Lobster Cocktail’ …. what arrived wasn’t what he expected but he enjoyed it anyway!  I knew the steak I had coming was going to be something else given the size of the knife that was placed in front of me!!

The 15 minute walk back to the Hotel was lovely.  It was a warm night, walking through the city, lit up, still busy yet pretty at the same time.

Back at the hotel, we decided on a drink in the bar ‘Broadway 49’.  I opted for a ‘Chocco-tini’ which tasted amazing…strong….but still great!  I think if I had drunk any more of those I wouldn’t have been able to make it back up to my room!!  haha!

So that was day 3 complete.  Another full yet fun day!

Watch this space for some of the things I bought……..Haul posts are coming!

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7 thoughts on “New York City – Day 3

  1. Tigritsa says:

    The picture of what your husband thinks he looks like as you browse Sephora is ALL husbands!! XD So funny!!

    Lots more gorgeous photos!! So many nice buildings there!

    I’m so glad your trip was so enjoyable!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thebeautyspyglass says:

    Loving this! It’s so lovely how you’ve diarised your stay, it’s all so well written and the pics are fabulous. Something you’ll definitely be able to look back on in years to come. Glad you had a great time lovely, Sephora will have to restock now haha!

    Liked by 1 person

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