My Week in Instagram Pics

It’s been yet another mad week, and being two weeks away from my trip to New York, these next couple of weeks will be pretty packed too!

Here’s last week’s Instagram recap!


Yesterday’s ISTD regional qualifier competition. I placed 1st in Ballroom and 2nd in Latin. In Latin there were only 2 of us but sharing a partner so we were on the floor one at a time in a ‘demo’ situation…I thought my anxiety would kick in but it didn’t and I loved it. I have THE best ‘hobby’ going! Do you have a ‘hobby’ that you love? Photo taken by Fredric Frennessen

Please excuse the screen shot quality of these two photos however they are from videos uploaded to Instagram!  Click HERE to see my Rumba  and HERE to see my Quickstep from the Lymington Competition!


The morning after the comp before! Haha see why I like makeup so much?? 😂. Today I have literally done my skincare, applied some lip Balm and left my skin to breathe! Wearing such heavy makeup at a comp all day, my skin deserves a break today!! Do you wear makeup every day?


A day late but I was too busy uploading dance pics and videos 😂😂 day 11 of the #septemberbeautychallenge2017 is ‘one brand for life’
I’ve chosen Hourglass because I absolutely love their products. I’ve tried their Immaculate foundation which gave an amazing finish. The ambient lighting powders a beautiful and the Mineral Veil primer works brilliantly under foundation. If money was no object I would be kitting my makeup draw out in Hourglass!! What’s your one brand for life?

Maybelline Falsies Push Up Angel Mascara

Day 12 of the #septemberbeautychallenge2017 is ‘Mascara’. This is a new one for me but I’m loving it. The brush is more like a comb and super easy to apply the mascara.
Have you tried it?

IMG_4484 2

Day 13 of the #septemberbeautychallenge2017 is ‘Pink’ so here’s a whole load of pink stuff 💕 spot any faves?


Day 14 of the #septemberbeautychallenge2017 is ‘Setting Powder’. I use these three regularly. No preference! They’re all amazing at helping to set my makeup and blur my pores. Do you have a favourite?

Mac Bronzer

Day 15 of the #septemberbeautychallenge2017 is ‘Most Used’. This @maccosmetics bronzer is one of my favourite powders that I use for a subtle bronze, or go in heavy with a denser brush for a contoured effect. Great bronzer that I’d buy again.


Day 16 of the #septemberbeautychallenge2017 is ‘Lippy Stash’
Spot any faves?


Day 17 of the #septemberbeautychallenge2017 is ‘Face Treat’. Tea and chocolate is a treat at any time for me but a Chocolate Face Mask????!!!! This anti-stress mask literally smelt like I had chocolate mousse on my face!! Talk about a treat! The smell alone was relaxing (If kit tempting me to eat it 😂😂) but after using it last night my skin this morning was minus a couple of imminent breakout bumps!
Thank you @anatomicalsuk for sending this for me to try….I’ll be posting a ‘face mask selfie’ with one of their other masks soon 😂

So that’s it for Instagram this week, coming up on the blog this week will be tips for contouring and the products I love using for it and a couple of product reviews.

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6 thoughts on “My Week in Instagram Pics

  1. Thebeautyspyglass says:

    Great post. Glad you got away with dancing without the anxiety rearing its head. I do love your lime green dress!

    I loved the sound of the chocolate face mask when I spotted it on your Instagram before. Sounds Amazing!!definitely one I’d like to try, I’m the worst chocoholic so I’d probably be like you trying to resist eating it!

    Have a lovely weekend Rachel xx

    Liked by 1 person

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