Eyelashes ….. the Falsie Fight!

Voluminous, fluttery and flirty eyelashes….just what we want right?  There are plenty of people, who, just like me, are not blessed with these naturally and therefore turn to companies like Eylure for help!!

Instagram and Youtube are full of videos and snippets of gorgeously intricate eye makeup tutorials, generally finished with popping on some luscious lashes and blinking them at the camera for full effect.

Applying my makeup generally, even for nights out, I have to admit, a couple of coats of mascara and I’m happy with the look.   If you follow my blog, you’ll know however, I’m a Dancer and for a Dancer …. mascara is not enough!  😀

Dramatic makeup looks are going to look better with bigger and fuller lashes, the whole purpose of stand-out makeup is exactly that….to make it stand out so the false lash completes the look.

Facetune 21

I have a habit of buying lashes when I see them thinking they’ll be great for the next event….then forget I’ve got more packs at home!!


I have been dancing for eight years and competing for 7 of those.  The makeup on a competitive dance floor needs to be big, bold, dramatic and captivating……it also needs to last the whole day!  I have been using Eylure lashes for dance competitions and have also tried other brands when taking part in photo shoots so this isn’t a shout out to Eylure, this really is a brand I enjoy using and trust to last all day so I wanted to talk about them!

In the beginning

When I started using lashes, it was the one part of my makeup routine that I hated …. and in fact I turned up to a competition once saying ‘everything’s going to go wrong today because my eye lashes wouldn’t go on’ ….. like it had some kind of curse on my whole day just because these things wouldn’t stick!  The makeup process begins at home, base, eyes, cheeks, lips etc, saving the lashes until the end….sometimes saving them until arriving at the comp so I’d have time to psych myself up for the challenge ahead …. and no, I don’t mean the dancing!

The Falsie-Fight

Trying to hold onto the lash, using a little bottle of glue with an applicator, trying not to get it on your fingers and if you did it was like having rolls of dried PVA glue at school on your hands….you get the picture!  Approaching the eye area with caution so as to get it into the right place, then having one end of it attach itself to the middle part of the mobile eyelid yet the other end is still on your finger…..manouvering it and smearing glue on the lid just to get it into place….all the while, feeling like I’m about to spontaneously combust through the stress and heat that has built up!  It’s a false eyelash…..how on earth can I get so stressed over a false eyelash?!?!?!?!?!?

The Saviour

Seriously….how I hadn’t found out a tool existed to assist with eyelash application…I do not know!  A friend had bought one for me that was a little pink triangle which acted like a small holder for the lash instead of using your fingers whilst you apply the glue….great!  Then I found one better!   The Eylure Lash Applicator…..£6.69 in Boots.


Like a pair of tweezers in reverse, you pinch them together to open the mouth of it, then release to grab hold of the eyelash.  Apply the glue in a thin line and allow to dry until it is tacky…this is absolutely vital! If the glue is still too wet it will just slide off!

This tool allows you to apply the glue to the lash band without your fingers being anywhere near…no fiddly lashes and no glue on fingers….round 1….won.

Round 2…….place a mirror on your lap or next to you….then look down into the mirror so you can see your lid and lash line clearly.  Find where you want the lashes to be positioned, allow the lash band to meet your own lash band and release.

I then use a hairpin just to tap it down but of course you don’t have to, you can just use a finger.  Once it is in place, I use my finger to gently press the lash band so it is attached.

Tip:  The eyelashes should always be the last thing to apply to your eyes.  All eyeshadow, eyeliner and a coat or two of mascara to your natural lashes will ensure a seamless look.  The lash band needs to be as flush to your own lash band as possible but this doesn’t always happen.  If you apply black eyeliner to your lash line then any slight gap will be filled in and not be showing.  You can then, as I do, go back in with eyeliner.


The moral of the story

Lashes need patience…not necessarily time….if you’re patient then they do go on quickly and effortlessly.

Lash glue is also really handy for other parts of my dance competition look as seen in the photo below……holding my crystals in place in my hair and also at the tip of my eyeliner! The Crystals and the lashes lasted all day…from application around 9am until I returned home at midnight!


Do you struggle with false eyelashes?   Have you tried an applicator?  Let me know!!

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think in the comments box below or on my facebook page. Follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook….links below🙂





17 thoughts on “Eyelashes ….. the Falsie Fight!

  1. Thebeautyspyglass says:

    Ooh I haven’t seen this tool before. I’ve always used tweezers and mirror on lap like you! This looks great though. I don’t really wear falsies that often but sometimes I wear the individual lashes and just add a few of those if I’m going ‘out out’ 😀
    Your make up is stunning! Love the green.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. rikanobela says:

    Falsies always make our look extra prettier! However it can get really messy in the beginning and I’m still starting to get the hang of it. I guess I really need a tool that can hold the lashes better than my tweezer does.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Jade says:

    I love the look of falsies but I’ve never tried them because they look so hard to apply! Maybe I’ll pick up an applicator and a set on the weekend and finally give it a go!

    Liked by 1 person

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