Shadow Switch ….. a tool you need in your makeup kit!

Makeup brushes ….. a complete addiction but I’m a bit OCD when it comes to hygiene of them so only tend to use a brush a few times before they’re heading for the ‘to be washed pot’ haha!    Product build up on brushes is something I can’t stand so I can’t be using brushes then putting them in a makeup bag and reusing and reusing….sorry, that’s just me!   Haha!

When I am applying makeup, I do have favourite brushes so if I want to reuse them, I have a hand towel that I will rub the brush onto ….. not good for my towels …. especially if I’ve used black!!   In honesty, using a towel also only tends to remove a bit of the product that is on them, making it quite difficult to reuse in perhaps a lighter shade.

I do have brush cleaning spray but that doesn’t allow me to reuse my brush instantly.  I will also say I have a brush cleaning device which washes and dries brushes in a matter of 30 seconds….which is great….but when applying my makeup I’ve found I really don’t have the time or inclination to set that up whilst getting ready to go out!   (Hence why I end up scrubbing my brushes onto a towel!)

I was given the chance to try a product called Shadow Switch by Beauty Essentials, who are a brand that have a range of beauty tools including this seemingly simple yet ingenious solution for allowing continued brush usage without transferring product from eyeshadow to eyeshadow…allowing for the user to use perhaps a dark eyeshadow followed by a light one without ending up with a muddy colour either in the pan or on the eye!

Tin and box

The packaging you will see in my photos further on in this post is the old packaging.  The brand has since re-launched this product and I think the new branding is certainly more eye catching, trendy and fresh!  The older packaging is still cute but being a fan of anything pink…the new packaging would be a hit with me!  Personally I think it’s one of those products that when you see it on the shelf screams ‘pick me up’!!

So, onto the product itself!

Facetune 10 2

The Shadow Switch is a handy sized tin housing a black sponge.  When I first saw photos online of the inside of the tin I was a little concerned about it’s potential to damage my brushes as it looks quite harsh …. I’m quite protective of my brushes!!!! Haha!    However, as I found when using it myself, the sponge is tough enough to remove the product from the brush whilst also being gentle so I would have no worries using any of my brushes on this.

Simple to use

I took my brush that contained quite a dark brown …… my Mac fluffy blending brush and gently swirled it around on the sponge….it removed all excess eyeshadow, so when swatched onto my hand to test, there was nothing there!  I then tried it with a much denser eyeshadow brush and it worked exactly the same and had my brushes ready to re-use.   Neither of these brushes were loaded with eyeshadow just to test this (i.e the shadow wasn’t a fresh drop of powder), they had both been placed into the ‘needs washing’ pile a couple of days ago!

Facetune 5 2

Facetune 4 3

As you can see from these photos, this works perfectly!   To clean the sponge, it can be easily lifted from the tin to be washed with warm water and fragrance free soap and then leave to dry.

Would I recommend?

Yes! Yes! Yes!  I was so excited to try this….such a simple yet effective product as I know this solves a problem!  I have my favourites out of all of my brushes and I get really frustrated if I’ve just used a dark shade on a brush that I want to reuse for perhaps applying my brow or inner corner highlight!  I am quite impressed also by the fact this will cut down on the number of brushes I take away with me or to a dance competition!  When I have applied my competition makeup, the chances are I won’t need to top up my eye makeup but I still continue to carry a whole host of brushes with me….I won’t need to take so many if I now have something that will allow me to instantly reuse my brush!  I think this makes for a great travel piece of my kit as I won’t be so hesitant at storing used makeup brushes in my makeup bag if I had swirled them over this not just between shades, but at the end of my makeup application!

I can highly recommend to anyone who uses eyeshadow brushes!!

Retailing at £5.99 on Amazon this is something I will be continuing to use and cannot wait to see what other products Beauty Essentials has in store for us!!

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Disclaimer:  This item was sent to me for review by Dee & Co.  All opinions expressed are my own and it was my choice to add links to any websites throughout this post.  Any website links included are not affiliate links and I will not earn commission through you using any link in this post. 

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25 thoughts on “Shadow Switch ….. a tool you need in your makeup kit!

  1. FrostandPolish says:

    I have been contemplating picking one of these up! I know Vera Mona makes one and they sell it at Sephora. I am just like you and don’t like to use brushes over and over without washing them. I have so many brushes that I often just wash them each time after use.

    Thanks for the review!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jade says:

    I’ve been using the cinema secrets cleaner for eye brushes as it dries almost instantaneously but it also dyes the hairs blue on white brushes and I’m concerned about the level of alcohol in it ruining my brushes so I might have to grab one of these instead!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Beauty and The Ballroom says:

      Oh no!! That doesn’t sound good!!! Boots do a nice brush cleaner…I’ve reviewed it on my blog somewhere!! This is a cool little tool to have though!! I’d still wash brushes thoroughly regularly though….this is purely to go from one shadow to another rather than an actual ‘cleaner’ but it’s great for what it’s meant to do 💕


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