June Empties

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During June, I haven’t used up a lot of products but what I have used up is a selection of my favourites so all of the products in this blog are things I will be buying again!……..Or possibly already have!

Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm

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I had written a review of this cleansing balm Check it out here!  This balm is fantastic at removing all makeup including Estee Lauder’s Double Wear really easily.   I apply it to dry skin as my first cleanse in the evening to remove makeup or spf.  (I skip this part of my routine if I have not been out of the house and haven’t worn spf or makeup!)  Once removed with a flannel, I then continue with a second cleanser such as Emma Hardie’s Amazing Face Cleansing Balm.

Would I repurchase?

Yes!  I already have.  I am currently using the Pixi Double Cleanse that I got in my Cult Beauty Box but as I wanted to take advantage of a recent offer on Clinique, I bought this ready to start using when I finish the Pixi one.

Batiste Dry Shampoo

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I don’t use much dry shampoo but there are times when I need it!  My hair does get greasy pretty quick and you can guarantee that one time I need to quickly pop out….I haven’t washed my hair…..cue Batiste!  This particular one ‘Blush’ smells lovely and fresh and I have used this brand pretty much every time I have bought dry shampoo.

Would I repurchase?

Yes!  Simple as that!  I’ve bought it before, I’d buy it again and again!  🙂

La Roche Posay Serozinc

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This is a lovely hydrating mist that I use every day in my morning routine.  It contains Zinc so is targeted for those with oily / combination skin types.  I have included it in a recent post if you wanted to read more about this and other mists that help keep you cool in the summer.  Face Mists – keeping cool in Summer heat! I use this after my acid toner and before my serums.

Would I repurchase?

Yes and I already have.  This is a staple in my routine now so I have started my next can. I am looking into purchasing another La Roche Posay product soon so this will feature in my posts be it for good or not so good reasons!

Estee Lauder Modern Muse Le Rouge

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This was only a small, perhaps ‘deluxe’ sample of the Le Rouge version of Modern Muse perfume from Estee Lauder.  I have owned the original Modern Muse previously which I absolutely loved and would certainly repurchase, but I have other perfumes on the go at the moment!  This was in my My Estee Lauder Bargain! in the Black Friday deal last year.  It is a lovely, fresh, floral scent but as I’ve said before, perfume is a very personal thing, you either like it or you don’t.  This to me is one I love and I think it smells divine!


Would I repurchase?

Yes!  There is one version of the Modern Muse perfume that I don’t like at all but this really is lovely and would certainly go onto my Birthday or Christmas ‘Wishlist’

Forever Sun Lips


(I actually missed this product from the photo at the start!)

I decided to try this lip balm a while ago when trying another product from Forever Living.  They sell two lip balms and when I last checked, their Aloe Lips contains parabens but the Sun Lips doesn’t so I chose this one.  Also the Sun Lips is an SPF30, making it in ideal summer lip balm.  It is very ‘vaseline’ like in consistency but as I suffer from dry lips, this texture isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Would I repurchase?

Yes.  I’ve had two of these so far and would buy another one.  I haven’t so far but only because I have others to use up.

Cutex Nourishing Nail Polish remover
Facetune 12

I’ve used lots of nail polish remover in the past but this one is really gentle on my nails but does a good job in removing even darker colours.  Some nail polishes have left my nails slightly stained before, but using this removes everything and it also doesn’t smell as strong as a lot of others that I’ve used (including the one I’ve replaced it with when I couldn’t get hold of this one!)

Would I repurchase?

Yes!  I wish I would have bought this exact one as I bought a Boot’s own acetone free one which is super potent making it almost unbearable to use!  (That will feature in another post!)

That’s all for June’s empties.  Only a few but I would buy all of these again.   Have you used any of these?  If so, what are your thoughts?

Thanks for reading!

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38 thoughts on “June Empties

  1. Samantha Abbott says:

    We spoke about thoughts on the Boots polish remover which I currently have. It’s a bit whiffy!! I’ve got the acetone version as I find with non acetone it just takes that bit longer to get the polish off and I’m really impatient! I’ve used Cutex for so many years and will be buying it next time for sure.

    Love Batiste. I’ve also used that for so long. I always buy it above other brands. Might be the pretty packaging that attracts me along with the lovely scent and fab product! I like the cherry one best. 🍒

    Great post as always xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Beauty and The Ballroom says:

      Ahh I’ve never really considered the acetone v non acetone….I just picked the Boots one up with the other not being in stock like you found. I’ll be getting the Cutex one when I’m next in town!!

      Ooh yes I’ve tried the Cherry Batiste too. The packaging must help their sales as it is pretty! 😂🌷

      Thanks for reading lovely xx


    • Beauty and The Ballroom says:

      This Clinique one is great for makeup removal. The best cleansing balm I’ve used is probably Emma Hardie Amazing Face cleansing balm. I use both, clinique to remove makeup then second cleanse with the Emma Hardie.
      I try to buy products I think I’ll like….I’ve made plenty of mistakes though so I research as much as I can before I buy anything xx


  2. Lulus Palette says:

    I have just finished my sample of the Clinique cleanser and am buying it as it think it’s better than my body shop one, even though this is also a great proudly, and I swear by batiste!! Unused the xxx volume bc I have fine hair. So interested in smelling that perfume, I’m a perfume junkie also 😁 Enjoyed the read

    Liked by 1 person

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