My Week in Instagram Pics

This week I’ve managed to get quite a few more photos onto Instagram than I did on my previous post!  So here they are, starting with being back from a weekend away in Blackpool watching some of the Blackpool Dance Festival with the best Ballroom and Latin dancers in the world, in one of the grandest Ballrooms in the world!  I’ll be dancing there in 6 months time for my National Grand Finals but to watch the professionals on this floor is amazing!  As for the Tower Ballroom, I’m chuffed to be able to say I’ve danced in there too.  Out competition is too big for there now but my first Grand Finals was in the Tower.  Beautiful Ballroom!


Managed to paint my nails on Friday…shame I then ended up being taken to A&E thanks to a panic attack but at least my nails looked good!


My nail pamper on Friday night.  New base and top coat as given to me by a friend as a little treat.  So far I’m impressed as although my nail polish is still chipped, it’s 4 days later which is unusual for my nails as they do chip pretty quick!  Do you have an issue with nail polish chipping?  Any hints or tips?


New blog post!  Check it out here: IMATS Mini Haul


My Kat Von D goodies from IMATS, have you tried either of these?

Facetune copy

New blog post, check it out here:  May Empties

Facetune 2

New arrivals!  I’ve paused my makeup buying ban until I can rebook my New York trip so I’ve got The Ordinary foundations and also trying the Niacinamide serum.  Have you used these?


Friday night makeup…..I wasn’t actually going anywhere but thought I’d have a play with the new foundation from The Ordinary, RCMA powder and my new Kat Von D goodies..loving them all 🙂  (I was actually pretty chuffed with the end result of this makeup)

Today’s makeup play. Thought I’d have a go with my Urban Decay Full Spectrum palette and the new serum foundation from The Ordinary.  Loving the miniature everlasting lipstick from Kat Von D.

Got to love a bit of pink.  What colour are you wearing on your nails today?

 I may write a separate post about some of my recent makeup looks as I’ve had some lovely comments on Instagram about them.  

So that’s all for this week’s Instagram revisit! If you’re not already following me, check out my Instagram page 🙂


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