My Week in Instagram Pics

Not so much of a busy week on Instagram this week as I was pretty busy during the week, then had a weekend of not feeling too great so didn’t really have any makeup looks to show!  That said here’s what I shared this week on my Instagram page 🙂  If you don’t already follow me, check out my page here!

Facetune 9 copy

Now that these have run out I’m straight onto my new bottles….and have ordered another serum to try!  Have you used anything by The Ordinary?  What are your favourites?

Facetune 8 copy 2

Finally getting around to trying some skincare given to me by a friend of mine for my birthday (back in November!) and it’s been in my draw as I’ve been trialling all sorts with my skincare over the last 6 months. 

Facetune 5 copy 2

My favourite UK products are the first part of my evening skincare routine.  My skin is so much better since I have been using these!  This post is to celebrate the fact Influenster is coming to the UK!!!  How exciting!!

Facetune 13

New blog post!  Check out my thoughts on the budget skincare range from Waitrose!  This face cream was my favourite out of the 4 items but have a read of my post Waitrose Pure Skincare Range 


Saturday night in…pamper time?? I haven’t used any of these before….have you?


Anyone else feel the need to pull faces with a mask on?  I’ve spent Sunday doing nothing thanks to a bad headache so I relaxed with this on and haven’t needed to follow with any moisturiser today at all (only because I wasn’t going to be wearing any makeup!)

So that’s all for this week’s Instagram revisit! If you’re not already following me, check out my Instagram page 🙂

25 thoughts on “My Week in Instagram Pics

  1. leilanicheeakwai says:

    This is such a good post idea actually. I have my instagram in my blog signature but that doesn’t really draw much attention to it

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