My Week in Instagram pics!

Where on earth does time go?  Another week has passed, another very long week despite only being a 4 working-day week!  Anyway, here’s last week’s view in Instagram pics 🙂


Mont Bleu Glass Nail Files – check out my review if you haven’t already seen it!  Mont Bleu Czech Glass Nail Files


The lighting on my selfie was awful so doesn’t show how cute this MUFE glitter is!  Makeup for Easter Monday!


This pic proved quite a popular one on Instagram….my full face makeup for Easter Monday 🙂


After getting home from work early and spending the rest of the day in bed thanks to a migraine, I needed a long soak in the bath with a gorgeous smelling face mask 🙂  I have reviewed this before, check it out The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Mask…..empty 🙂

Facetune 4

Makeup of the Day for Saturday’s dance lesson 

Facetune 2

Sometimes it really is ‘All about that base’


Makeup of the Day…..subtle / fresh / neutral


‘Dance is a journey…not a destination’     


Loving these falsies from Accessorize!

So that’s all for this week’s Instagram revisit! If you’re not already following me, check out my Instagram page 🙂

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