Mont Bleu Czech Glass Nail Files

My nails are always breaking!  It’s that simple!  I always end up with little snags in the side of my nails – usually quite low on the nail if I’ve managed to grow them!  I use nail files a lot but it doesn’t seem to stop that happening!

Almost a month ago I received some gorgeous looking products from Mont Bleu which included their Czech glass nail files.   In the past I was never a fan of glass nail files as I always imagined it would be like dragging my nails down a terracotta pot!!  I have only ever used one other glass nail file and I believe that they are hands down (excuse the pun!) better for your nails!

When I opened the package….bearing in mind I LOVE crystals….I found 3 pink and clear glass nail files decorated with a pretty pattern of Swarovski Elements crystals!!  It also included a deeper pink glass foot file which I’ve never heard of before!

The files are made from Czech, high quality tempered glass, hand made using traditional methods in the Czech Republic.  The surface of the nail file is guaranteed to last a life time and being glass, it can be easily cleaned making it both hygienic and economical!  They are housed in velvet pouches which is great to protect the file but also aids with keeping the file clean….rather than digging that old emery board out from the bottom of your handbag!!!

In the set of 3 the file lengths are:  195 mm / 7.68″ inches, 135 mm / 5.32″ inches & 90 mm / 3.54″ inches so perfect for as Mont Bleu say, ‘Home, Office, Purse’

Also in my parcel was a ‘Cracks’ Foot Scraper & Callus Remover.  It is a 2-sided file, a rougher side for hard skin removal and a softer side for a ‘velvet-like’ finish on your heels.    This particular file is designed for light / medium hard skin build up but they do have other products available for very tough skin.  As with the nail files, they’re made from Czech tempered glass and are covered by a lifetime guarantee on the filing surface.


My thoughts

The first thing I noticed about the nail files was the amount of non-abrasive glass at the ‘handle’ end of the file is great!  I have always been a bit funny about glass nail files feeling strange!  So to have a decent amount of smooth glass is good for someone like me! Haha!

I have saved writing this review for a few weeks because it’s all well and good to write an initial review as they’re pretty and so on, but in terms of how the files work, using them just once isn’t enough.  I have been using mostly the middle size file but have used all 3 and they are sturdy files but with a filing surface that feels gentle on my nails.  Standard nail files / emery boards can only be used in one direction when filing but with a glass file it can be used in both directions without damaging the nail.  Filing in both directions is so much easier!

IMG_1138 2

Since using these, my nails haven’t been snagging or splitting at all which I’m really surprised about!  In fact as I type this, I’m also checking my nails just to make sure!! Haha!

I have used the foot file and this is also great for me as I don’t have very rough skin on my feet so this particular file is great as it’s pretty gentle but effective.  After using it once, my skin on my feet felt soft and smooth….and I don’t like feet so you’re in luck…..I’m not going to subject you to photos of my feet, but trust me…..they’re smooth!!  🙂   I like to use this file then apply a body butter to my feet and put on some foot spa socks!  Super soft heels and a perfect excuse to put my feet up!!

I would definitely look at other products from Mont Bleu as going on the ones that I received, they are very high quality, durable, hygienic and of course pretty!!!  I think they’re also perfect as gifts!

Check out their site using the links below (Worldwide Delivery).   Use the code ‘BLOG’ at the checkout for a 20% discount!

Mont Bleu E-shop

Mont Bleu Wholesale Shop

Mont Bleu Amazon shop

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Disclaimer:  These items were sent to me for review by Mont Bleu.  All opinions expressed are my own and it was my choice to add links to any websites throughout this post. 

IMG_0874 2


19 thoughts on “Mont Bleu Czech Glass Nail Files

  1. Mrs Strawberry Blonde says:

    Glass files are fantastic! But there’s one more thing you need to do after filing your nails… you have to buff your tips. Don’t buff your nails the way “you’re supposed to”. Just buff the tips to make them extra smooth so you’ll avoid ripped nails. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Maya Meshoulam says:

    These look great! I hate how the cardboard type of files wear out after a while and make me buy a new one each time! I suck with maintaining my nails, but these look as if they would definitely help them remain healthy! Great post ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Taslyn says:

    These are so pretty Raschel I love items for pedicure and manicures I’ve never used a glass file before but it looks like something I would love to try so curious I will check out the company.

    Liked by 1 person

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