Skincare Revisited – Morning Routine

At the end of January I wrote a post about my new skincare routine but mentioned that I was looking into some new bits and pieces, of which I have done a few specific product reviews but I thought I would revisit my actual routine which I seem to have settled into now and find this is what is working for me.  As I mentioned before, I fully anticipate my routine to change again, probably in line with the summer when my skin is usually more oily, but for now, this is what is working.

  1.  Morning Cleanse

    Nude Perfect Cleanse


    I am currently loving the clarifying cleansing oil by Nude.  I wrote a blog dedicated to this so click HERE! to read my review but this is a gorgeous cleanser that I can use all over my face including over and around my entire eye area.  I have used plenty of cleansers that cannot be used too close to the eyes but this is like having a mini spa facial massage every morning.  It smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling super soft and clean.  I apply it using dry hands and massage it onto my skin whilst my face is dry.  I then remove it using a wet flannel or muslin cloth.

2.    Acid Toner



Pixi Glow Tonic

 This acid toner is gentle but effective.  It contains Glycolic Acid to exfoliate and purify the skin, Ginseng to improve circulation and energise and Aloe Vera to hydrate and soothe the skin.  Click to read my full review…Here!

3.  Moisturising Toner



I haven’t reviewed this yet on it’s own but I am loving it.  I was using my Rodial Hyaluronic Tonic but as my skin can be a bit hormonally temperamental around my chin and also slightly oily so after seeing this on YouTube, I thought I would give it a go!  Serozinc is a toning mist containing zinc sulphate designed to target oily and blemish prone skin and reduce shine.   It makes my skin feel really soft!  I have also spritzed this on over makeup and it does work to matify the skin!

4.  Serums

Another new addition to my routine is specifically targeted serums from The Ordinary.  I have already reviewed these so check out my blog for my thoughts on these The Ordinary Skincare   Sometimes I will also still add in my Estee Lauder Clear Difference Serum but once this is an empty, I will be looking to replace this with another serum from The Ordinary.

5.  Moisturiser


Clinique Moisture Surge

I am quite fussy with moisturisers because I find that they leave my skin greasy or just don’t absorb easily.  Moisture Surge is one product that I have repurchased a few times and I am now almost out of my current pot – I will definitely be buying again!  It is a lightweight, gel-cream that is very hydrating but not too rich so although it doesn’t sink in and dry my skin quickly, it also doesn’t sit on the top of my skin or leave a film.   Perfect!

6.  Eye Cream


Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus Eye Cream

I asked recently at the Clinique counter in Boots, what would be the best product if I wanted to step my eye cream up…after using All About Eyes for a while, which is a lovely, soft, gel eye cream but with fine lines appearing I need more!  The repairer eye cream is a thicker cream so I was concerned about how this would sit under makeup.  Other eye creams ball up so I wasn’t too sure about trying something new given that All About Eyes worked in that sense!   This cream is hydrating and since using it I have found that my eye area is softer, more hydrated and whilst I don’t expect miracles from any skin care or makeup product, I do think that the skin around my eyes is starting to look and feel better.

7.  SPF

During the winter, ifI am wearing foundation that contains SPF, as with my Dior Forever and my Estee Lauder Double Wear, I get my SPF coverage from that, but on days when I am not wearing foundation, especially if I have used a retinoid or peel the night before, I will use a dedicated SPF.  I reviewed the UltraSun Face SPF30 which I received in my advent calendar and I do like it a lot, but it is quite a thick cream…which is fine.  I have just started using The Body Shop Skin Defence SPF50, which I am yet to review as I have not used it enough yet to form a full opinion but on first impressions I like it.  It absorbs a lot quicker than the UltraSun as it is more of a thin, liquidly lotion rather than a cream.  The only thing I am not keen on so far is the scent.  It does smell like perhaps a body cream should smell.  It’s a lovely smell but not something I would associate with facial skincare….some people won’t mind this…I don’t mind it, it just seems weird when I apply it, that it has the scent of a body cream…I can’t think of how else to describe it.  I will review this when I have used it more.

So there you have it…my current day time routine!  I absolutely love all of the products that I am using at the moment and can see myself repurchasing them.


What are you using?

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22 thoughts on “Skincare Revisited – Morning Routine

  1. sianpitman says:

    Love this post – such a great idea to share your morning routine!. I tried The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid for the first time this morning – I love it! Pixi Glow Tonic is also a fave!x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. stashy says:

    I’ve heard amazing things about the La Roche Posay Serozinc toner – sadly it’s not available in Canada. The Clinique Moisture Surge is excellent – I tried it in a sample and then ran out and purchased the full size!

    In the mornings, I currently use Shiseido cleanser, MUJI toner, Etival Vitamin C serum (it’s a house brand of our drugstore), MAC moisturizer, and Avene sunscreen. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Beauty and The Ballroom says:

      That’s a shame that it’s not sold in Canada 😑 as for Moisture surge…it’s just lovely isn’t it?! I haven’t used any of those from your routine but I need to start on a vitamin c thing I think so I’ve been Eye-ing up the new Clinique Vit c kit! 😍😍 x


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