Formula Absolute Sleep Cream – Review

I decided to write a little update on this cream as I have briefly mentioned it in a couple of blogs since receiving it in my M&S Advent Calendar.

Initially I was impressed with the texture, scent and feel of my skin when it was applied.

I have now used up the sample – which has lasted plenty of applications for a trial size of a product and I thought I would share my thoughts and a bit more information about a product that in honesty, I probably wouldn’t have looked twice at!

Marks & Spencer is not necessarily a shop that I think to go to for beauty products!  I go in there perhaps to the food hall or to look for new trousers for dancing but that’s about it.

Item details from Marks and Spencer website

100% intuitive skincare.  Wake up to more rested and younger looking skin.
Results: Clinically proven and independently tested.  Transform your skin with 10 amazing benefits after just 4 weeks.  Skin appears less fatigued deep lines appear reduced age spots firmer skin. Skin looks healthier improved elasticity skin feels softer and more supple imperfections appear reduced brighter, radiant skin. Skin feels comfortable and protected through out the night.
Proven: When tested 71% agreed skin appeared transformed after just 2 weeks.
Hypoallergenic, paraben free and suitable for all skin types
This product is not available for international delivery
Not tested on animals BUAV approved

The Ultimate Sleep Cream is £22 for a 50ml pot.  I received a 15ml sample and have used it most nights.  A little goes a long way so the tube that I have has lasted quite a while.  The full size of this product is a pot rather than a tube.

Pros:  Lovely soft and almost relaxing scent, leaves skin feeling smooth and comforted, no greasy feeling, absorbs quickly, skin feels soft and refreshed the next morning, paraben free.  I have changed my skincare routine quite a lot recently with the introduction of an acid toner, serums and a retinoid but applying this afterwards seems to calm my skin back down.

Cons: £22 is at the upper end of what I would spend on a cream like this because I am not too worried about using a night time specified product like this given I use serums – that said I feel it is worth it.  The major con for me personally right now is that this product is so popular it is completely sold out online and in my local store.  When I asked when it will be back in stock online I was advised 19th March!!  That’s a month away!

Would I purchase?  No brainer for me..yes!

Have you tried this cream?    What did you think? IMG_7804.JPG

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