Favourite Instagrammer

I follow a lot of people on Instagram and to be honest, I could say they’re all my favourite as I like them for different reasons.  I love to scroll through and see latest products that bloggers are trying or reviewing or a pic of new eye makeup ideas etc.  I follow 2 makeup artists that are also my favourite YouTubers and they are Rachel Macintosh MUA and Wayne Goss Makeup Artist

Rachel Macintosh is an Australian Makeup Artist who I have followed since her video on Ballroom dance makeup which I initially played every time I was doing my competition makeup until I developed my own look but the basis was always on her tutorial.  Her YouTube and Instagram are great – take a look.

Wayne Goss Makeup Artist must be one of the funnest MUAs to watch on YouTube aswell as being someone who I think judging by comments on his videos that he is quite influential when it comes to new purchases….a bit of a ‘YouTube made me buy it’ scenario!  Again his Instagram and Youtube are both great.

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