What’s in my beauty bag??

In honesty…I don’t have a ‘beauty bag’ that I carry with me day to day.  On a night out, I’d take a powder and my lipstick in my handbag but that’s about it.

There is a time however when I have a massive beauty bag with me…..dance competition day!

As I do my makeup in the morning before leaving for the competition, I apply it to last for the day so I don’t take absolutely everything with me.  I use my foundation, concealer, translucent powder and basic eyeshadow colours but then leave that at home.  In my bag I take pretty much everything else even though I’ve already applied it…just incase!


The usual contents are:

  • Glitter/shimmer eyeshadow that I’ve used already as the last layer
  • Spare eyelashes and eye lash glue
  • Mascara
  • Eyeliners (White and Black)
  • Eyebrow pencil or Gimmebrow
  • Bronzer and Highlight (Powder even though cream contour was already applied)
  • Blusher (Usually 2 to mix, Pink and Orange)
  • Pressed Powder
  • Lipstick
  • Brushes!
  • Mirror
  • Hairspray


I probably do throw other things in too but that’s the basics!  My bag on the day certainly feels a lot heavier than that list suggests!  😛

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