‘Nicest Package’ hmmmmmm this is so difficult as I’ve got quite a few products that have great packaging!  I think for me it has to be the Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette.

The case itself is pretty sturdy in comparison to some and the mirror is a great size for an eyeshadow palette.  I have always found the mini mirrors housed in other palettes, even their Naked ones, have mirrors that are good for close up but you can’t really sit back and check the look easily.  The Full Spectrum one is a much better size as you can see what your doing but check out the overall look in the one mirror.  It’s sleek and colourful too 🙂

As I have already written a blog on this palette, I won’t review it again but check that blog out here:  Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette Trying out my birthday treat 🙂

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