Day 8 is the one that forces me to admit I have a brush collection problem!  I cannot resist brushes and some, I have double of just because I like them.

I am quite OCD when it comes to brushes in that I only use them a few times before I put them in a separate pile to be washed then wash a pile of them together which if you would like to know how, see my blog Make up brush cleaning….a little bit of OCD!

My oldest brushes that I have are a powder and blush brush that I have had for many years!  I don’t even know how long I have had these brushes but I would guess around 10 years as part of one of their collections they bring out near Christmas.

My newest brushes are my Real Techniques Bold Metal brushes which I was given for my birthday.  They are AMAZING!  So soft and pick up the right amount of product.

Here’s a few more brushes that I have…


Sigma Sigmax Kabuki brushes


Mac (Please excuse the state of the foundation brush!!  That was from my bag of ones to be washed!)


Eco Tools Blush Brushes….so nice I had to get another 😛



These are just my clean brushes!  I have a makeup bag of ones to be washed too!

As you can see from the photos….I have a bit of a problem….I actually don’t need any more brushes at all looking at these, yet I still look at more when I’m shopping!

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  1. shopgirlanonymous says:

    My mother is an esthetician and loves to gift me with worlds of make up brushes. I have a drawer that’s so crammed that I can hardly pull it open with out a giant jerk of my hand. I don’t even use I’d say 80% of them because I don’t know what they are for…;)

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