Day 4….Hit the Pan

Having so much makeup, it’s too easy to start using a product, then there’s another new product to try…so start using that, then another and so on.  (This is like ‘Confessions of a Makeup Addict!’ haha!)

However……Mac’s Studio Fix powder foundation is one I have actually ‘hit the pan’ on!

I bought this just over a year ago and I’m surprised I’ve gone back to it as I went away from powder foundations when I started using Mac MatchMaster foundation (I threw it out half way through the bottle as it oxidised) 😦  I have since then used other liquid foundations out of preference but have started to edge back towards this when I need a quick fix makeup!

This is my ‘go-to’ foundation for when I’m in a mega hurry so I grab a big fluffy brush and swirl it into this and dust it all over my face in a circular motion.  I’ve never liked the look that using a powder puff with this foundation gives, with powders it is all about starting light and building when and where needed.  I get a decent coverage with a brush and non of the caked on effect that a powder puff can give (and does…..I’ve tried it!).

It provides a matte finish and has great staying power for my skin type.  It is buildable to a point but I wouldn’t try to go past a medium coverage.  I can highly recommend this if you have oily / combination skin!

So that’s my ‘hit the pan’ part of the #musthavesmakeupchallenge 🙂

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