25 Days of Blogging – Countdown to Christmas Day 3 :)

I’m loving this M&S beauty calendar!  Getting proper little treats every day!  🙂

Today’s box contained the Filorga Time Filler, Absolute Wrinkle Correction Cream.  Again before blogging, I thought I’d at least test it to give a ‘first impression’ rather than a ‘look what I’ve got today’ kind of read.


I did a bit of research into the best way to use this product and what it does etc.  The ingredients are said to target all types of wrinkles.

Item details as taken from Marks & Spencer website

Botox-like tripeptide limits muscular contractions and relaxes the skin for a younger-looking face
Hyaluronic acid for deeper diffusion and a visible filler effect
After just 3 days, the appearance of frown lines is reduced by 19%*

I don’t mind layering serums as long as their ingredients aren’t the same.  As I was using my Estee Lauder Clear Difference, I used Filorga over the top as it is slightly thicker than the Estee Lauder serum…the lighter of 2 serums should be used first.   I then continued with my usual moisturiser.

Initial thoughts are that it is a nice smooth cream with a very pleasant smell to it.  Rapidly absorbed and leaves no greasy film or residue so I didn’t feel like I needed to wait to apply my moisturiser.  It is claimed to also be a good base for makeup.  As I use a moisturiser and primer prior to my foundation I can’t necessarily comment however my skin did feel smooth before the addition of makeup so potentially it is a good base for makeup.

I will revisit this product as with some others from the calendar as today is more of a first impression, when it comes to skin care I think a full opinion can only be decided after a continued use.  I don’t have any other anti-ageing serums that I am using in with my morning routine at the moment so I will continue to use and review in a few weeks.

M&S have given a decent trial size version of this product, as they have with both of the previous days in the calendar.  Enough to really trial and form an opinion on and make a real decision on whether to repurchase.  This would cost £54 for 50ml on the M&S website (price correct at time of writing), and this ‘sample’ is 15ml so again, £35 calendar with just the products received in 3 days alone makes this a great calendar to have.

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think in the comments box below or on my facebook page. Follow me on Instagram: beautyandtheballroom and Twitter: @Mazzo7 xx

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