3 minute mask!

Garnier Pure 3in1 Wash, Scrub and Mask….3 minutes for a mask?  I’ll give that a go!

I am quite set with what I use when it comes to skin care but as long as I’m not switching and swapping products all of the time, I do like to try new things every now and again.

I was given this to try by a friend who isn’t suffering with oily skin….unlike me who seems to be at the moment, especially around my chin…which I blame the PCOS for!!

The bodyshop mask that I have been using once a week for a little while now is probably my favourite mask for one that I can apply and just soak in the bath for 20 minutes while it works and when I wash it off, my face feels really clean.  In 3 minutes, surely this can’t do that much right??  Wrong!  This is a fab mask and at £2.53 at the moment in Boots, you can’t go wrong!

It can be used as a normal face wash, a scrub or a mask to use once or twice a week.  I used it today.  I applied it all over even though I only intended to use it on my nose and chin!  I left it for 3 minutes while I carried on with sorting my clothes out for the day etc, and washed it off.  My skin felt squeaky clean!  I suffer with large open pores on my nose and cheeks and they felt tighter and clearer.  I skipped the second step in my usual 3 step routine by Clinique as I didn’t want to over-exfoliate my skin.  I continued with my Dramatically Different Moisture Lotion.  The serum that I use from Estee Lauder contains Salicylic acid, as did the mask so again I skipped this and used a sample of the Bobbi Brown  Extra Repair Serum.  I completed the routine with my Moisture Surge and All About Eyes cream.   My skin felt silky smooth!

I didn’t wear any makeup today as I wanted to see how my skin reacted given the mask claims to matify the skin.  Most days, with no makeup on I do go quite oily quite quickly….in honesty, today I haven’t!  So that claim I would suggest to be true.  I will continue to use this as a mask and see if any of the other claims are true.

It contains Eucalyptus extract, Zinc and Salicylic acid and it’s claimed that this product is designed to:

  • Reduce the appearance of imperfections & help protect against blackheads
  • Matify skin
  • Purify skin
  • Reduce Marks

(As taken from http://www.boots.com)

The only thing I would say that isn’t so great about this product is the removal of it.  As it is exfoliating, the little bits take ages to remove!  I used a flannel as well as my hands rinsing it and I still kept finding little bits of exfoliant on my face!  Once it is off however, skin feels amazing.

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