Evening makeup look

I like to have as much time as I can to get ready for a night out so that I can have a play with colours and decide what makeup I want to use.  The look in this blog was done with the type of event I was going to in mind.  Heading to the DanceRite Black & White Ball where I knew I would be dancing the night away and with lots of people on the dance floor it gets quite warm so I could do without my makeup going into meltdown!

I complete my skincare routine with my Clinique Moisture Surge, Extended Thirst Relief. Oily skin still needs moisture and this feels lovely!  It is a gel texture that absorbs rapidly making it great for applying just before makeup.  Clinique also offer an Intense version for drier skin types but for me it was too rich.


Clinique Moisture Surge

One tip I have to offer is that any creams or cosmetics that
are in a pot are not the most hygienic packaging as they’re exposed to the air whenever they’re open.  Add to that using fingers to get the product out of the pot, I personally am not a fan!  That said, a simple tip is to use a cotton bud to get it out of the pot and onto your hand!  An absolute must in my makeup kit is cotton buds – for use with creams in pots or clean ups of mistakes with eye makeup or around the lips – a must!



Dior Forever foundation is amazing!  It really does feel smooth on the skin, hides redness, reduces the look of my pores and has great staying power.  Dior claim that it lasts for 16 hours – personally I haven’t worn it for that long as it’s my usual evening foundation but last night’s wear was easily 8 hours and it held up well on my skin type.  It has a luminous matte finish so doesn’t leave the skin looking ‘flat’ like some matte foundations can. The skincare claims made by Dior are something that I can’t currently comment on as I do not use this every day but at the time of application it covers pores and imperfections brilliantly. As for the primer – I have tried and tested lots of primers (again getting samples where I can!) and the Diorskin Forever & Ever Wear is by far one of my favourites as it feels very smooth on the skin and gives a good base for makeup.  It also works well with all of my other foundations.

Dior’s application tips are to apply with fingertips or a sponge.  Again I’ll blog more on sponges and blenders but my all out favourite has to be the original Beauty Blender!  Yes it is pricier than others out there like Real Techniques (which I also have) but there is something about the genuine one – it is so unbelievably soft and gives a gloriously blended finish, I love it!  I apply foundation using it damp as it increases the surface area allowing for easier application and coverage.


To conceal and brighten under my eyes I used Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer which is my favourite as it is not drying under the eyes, nor does it settle into creases.  I use the shade ‘Vanilla’ and blend it in with my Beauty Blender.



Ok, I’m no makeup artist and would never claim to be one, so anything I say or suggest on here is what I do….I contour by drawing under my cheekbones, temples and forehead with slight lines down my nose.  These are all to give the illusion once blended of a slightly slimmer nose, contoured cheekbones and smaller forehead!  The key is ‘slightly’….I’m not after a fake look or drastic changes, just a subtle contour works for me.

I promise this isn’t just a blog about Dior but I have added an item to my makeup collection…. I use this when I am using a liquid foundation and it blends perfectly.  In the above photo I’ve shown where I apply it and using my Beauty Blender, have blended it in.  If I was not using a setting powder I would be blending it more than shown here but I still want it to be visible after the powder is applied so that is how much I blend it, but regardless, I make sure there are no obvious lines left for the completed look!

The opposite end of the Diorblush is a lovely highlight that is not too shimmery when applied.  I apply this to the upper part of my cheekbones, under my eyebrow, cupids bow and a tiny amount down the centre of my nose.  Anywhere the natural light would hit to give the skin a glow.  I love subtle, natural looking highlighters as I do not like the full on glowy, dewy look.

I am currently loving more of a coral blush colour instead of my usual pink as I think it gives the skin a lovely warm tone.  The best thing about this Clinique one?  It was a freebie in their gift with purchase that I got with my last skin care purchase!


Loving the Clinique Chubby Stick in 02 Robust Rhubarb



All of this is set using the Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder and a powder puff.  The risk with powder is applying too much will ruin the look altogether and make it look caked on.  I start with a very small amount on a powder puff which I tap onto the back of my hand to remove any excess and press and roll it onto my skin.  This gives a very even finish without over-applying.


Another essential in my makeup kit is Scotchtape!   Low tack tape, first laid onto the back of my hand to remove a bit of the stickiness, then placed where I want my sharp line to be.  Hopefully the photo below shows clearly enough the shape this allows me to create.  It also gives me the perfect line to follow with my eyeliner.  The tape not only gives a defined line but also helps with any fallout from eyeshadow when making the outer V darker, it all falls onto the tape 🙂

Back to the Urban Decay Ultimate Basics for eyeshadows, I used:

‘Blow’ all over the eye right up to under my brow.

‘Instinct’ through the crease

‘Lethal’ in for the outer V

‘Extra Bitter’ – very small amount to blend the harsh line of the ‘Lethal’ upwards.

I used Urban Decay’s Razor Sharp liquid eyeliner in Perversion and attempted a bit of a wing, which for once actually worked quite well, and Benefit’s Gimmebrow through my eyebrows.  I wanted a bit more drama with the lashes having used darker eyeshadows and I did miss a step here and forgot to curl them first, but I used Estee Lauder’s Lash Primer Plus underneath the Laura Mercier mascara.  I love this combination.  The primer is a favourite of mine because it doesnt dry the lashes out like some base coats can.  Eyes were finished off with a white Mac pencil on the water line and a small amount of Mac’s Mineralise Skin Finish in ‘Soft & Gentle’.  I’ve found the shimmer in this a little too intense as a highlighter on my cheeks but on the inner corner of the eye it looks lovely.



Last but not least – lips!  My favourite bold lip product at the moment as mentioned in my daytime makeup blog, is Clinique Pop Liquid Matte Colour and Primer.  This is in the colour Ripe Pop.  Long lasting colour and I find it does not dry my lips out.


There you have it……my evening look for a night out dancing Ballroom and Latin for a few hours!

Here is the ‘before and after’ shot shot plus an ‘after after’ shot!  Showing that although I’ve gone shiny through my T-zone, this is totally normal for me, after 8 hours with no touch-ups I didn’t think it lasted too badly at all!  (I was evidently tired but it was 1am!)

Before/After                               After/After!

The finished look:

Thanks for reading!  Please let me know what you think in the comments below or on my facebook page.  I now also have Instagram so follow me:  beautyandtheballroom



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