Self confessed Make-up Addict!

Self confessed make up addict…..5 words that describe me!

If there’s a new palette of something or something to ‘reduce the appearance of pores‘, ‘reduce shine‘ etc, then its got my attention!

One thing I try my hardest not to do is impulse buy.  (Hard to believe I know!!)  If there is new product on the market, or perhaps even an old product that has got people raving about it, then I like to find out more!

I research as much as possible by reading blogs, reviews, watching Youtube demos and reviews and going into store to check the product out for myself.

Where I can I always get samples to take home and try.  This applies more so when purchasing foundations.  I’ve never been happy with a foundation purchase where I have had it applied at a counter, and under the bright lights of the store looked into the mirror where actually yeah, it looks ok!  I then walk around town, get into a lift with mirrors and think ‘what the hell do I look like??  I don’t remember having a fight with an orange!‘    So, take a sample and try it at home under normal lighting!  Recently I was having a new foundation applied in store but the colour was chosen by a shade matching device!  Nope!  Still wrong!  Too dark in normal light! I did go back and ask for a sample of the next shade lighter which was perfect, but I’m sure there must be other people who are shade matched and buy the product there and then!

Next, I traumatise over the ‘Need v. Want’ arguement.   ‘Want’ can always win but there are times I am sensible enough to stop and say ‘Rachel, NO! 4 different foundations is more than enough!‘   Sometimes I do end up sending a text to a fellow make-up addict (she knows who she is!!) saying ‘Soooo…this just happened…..!‘ along with a photo of whatever bag or box it’s in!

I’d like to think I am kinda clued-up when it comes to make up, I know what I like and what I don’t and generally I don’t get drawn in to cross-selling with products.  There are of course exceptions to this as sometimes certain products just do work better with their intended counterparts!  The chances are, if I have researched a foundation for example, then I’ve already looked at the matching primer, concealer and finishing powder so I tend to know what I am looking for!

Brushes and sponges……yep I collect those too!  The main thing with brushes and sponges is cleaning and looking after them.  I will blog about this separately as I’m quite strict with make up and brush hygiene and have a great ‘Brush Cleaner’ gadget to rave about!

Check back later on my page as I will be blogging about my favourite products for day to day looks and also my dance competition make up!

Please feel free to comment, ask questions, like or share this or any other of my posts!




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