First blog post

“My first blog!”

Where to start??  I’ve spent so long debating whether or not to start blogging about the things I love doing, buying, trying, making etc and now I’ve set this page up, where do I start?  What do I talk about first??

I’ll start with me!

My name is Rachel, I’m a Wife, Mum of 2, I love Ballroom & Latin Dancing, self-confessed Make-up addict, sparkly jewellery addict and let’s face it, I can talk the hind legs off a donkey so why stop at talking….let’s start typing!

The aim of my blog page is to share my thoughts on all things from Beauty to the Ballroom.   I receive so many comments about my make up, either on a night out or on the dance floor that I thought I would share ideas and reviews on make up, skin care, dance wear, and generally anything I love to talk about, including my dance journey and decorating my dance outfits in crystals!  🙂

With so many beauty blogs out there, will this be any different?  Who knows?  Beauty to the Ballroom……Hopefully there’ll be something useful to someone out there so please, follow and share my page!

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