Beauty Advent Calendar Day 1 – Aveda

My hubby treated me to the Marks and Spencer Beauty Advent calendar this year which is a real treat as I’ve had this calendar for 2 years previously and it’s always been great value and full of fantastic products. When you spend £25 in M&S, this calendar is then available for £40 and is said to be worth over £300… which is always something I mention in each blog how much each product is worth.

M&S Beauty Advent Calendar
M&S Beauty Advent Calendar

So … what’s in box number 1?

Aveda Damage Remedy
Aveda Damage Remedy

I have always wanted to try Aveda haircare! It’s definitely on my ‘to try’ list! This daily hair repair is a full size product at 100ml with a value of £25.

It is said to instantly repair hair and protect it from heat styling … my hair could certainly do with some of this!! I can’t wait to give this a go!

Have you got a beauty advent calendar this year? If so, let me know what was in box number 1 for you!

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