Antipodes Skincare Review

It’s been just over a month since I wrote my initial thoughts on the Antipodes Skincare that I was kindly sent for review.  This is more of an updated post as I think in all honesty, many products can give an initial impression…good or otherwise and with continued use, opinions can change.  Also an initial post may only suggest ‘this smells fresh and has nice packaging’ and so on, but that’s not enough in terms of really reviewing a product so I do like to revisit!   As I stated in my previous post, these products were gifted to me for review and all opinions expressed are my own.


Grapeseed Butter Cleanser

Initial Impression:  This is a very thick balm / grease type of cleanser but melts when applied to the skin. The scent I have to admit is a little odd, but in fairness, many natural, plant based products have a certain smell and either you like it or you don’t.  Scent is such a personal thing and I’m undecided as to whether I like the scent but it doesn’t detract from the product itself as it is a lovely cleanser that leaves skin soft and clean without being stripping.

My thoughts now:  It is a lovely cleanser if you like a very thick, greasy balm cleansers however, I found for my routine, where I was using this as my second cleanser after makeup remover, it was leaving a film on my skin that felt like I needed to wash my face again…however, at the same time my skin felt soft and nourished.  If used as a first cleanse, you would likely find this to be fine as you’d go in with your second cleanse afterwards which would remove the film.  

Would I purchase?  Personally I wouldn’t but only based on my routine.  I do love balm cleansers but for me this was a bit too thick.  Based on how nourished my skin felt after use however I would still recommend trying it!

Hosanna H2O Intensive Skin-Plumping Serum 

Initial Impression:  I am really liking this so far.  It is a water-thin product that dries quickly but still feels comfortable on the skin.  As much as scent shouldn’t come into it, this does smell nice!  I have been using this in the evening and the antioxidant serum in the morning.

My Thoughts now:  Some days I love to use thicker serums that take a while to absorb into my skin but there are days where I need to do my routine quickly and I do like to layer my products!!  This serum is absorbed quickly into my skin but doesn’t leave it feeling dry and tight.  I have layered this with other serums, oils and moisturisers and have had no issues in terms of texture, pilling or skin reactions.  I use this in my PM routine.

Would I purchase?  Yes!  I would purchase this for the reasons above plus it smells lovely!

Worship Skin Defence Antioxidant Serum

Antipodes Antioxidant serum

Initial Impression:  The consistency of this serum is similar to the Hosanna one and also smells lovely.  Antioxidant serums are great as part of the morning routine because of their ability to protect the skin from external aggressors so I have been adding this to my morning regime and it has fit in well with all of my other products.

My Thoughts now:  As with the Hosanna serum, I am liking this.  I use it in my morning routine and this also is absorbed quickly into my skin and works well with all other products that I have layered with it.  I am very much a fan of antioxidant serums at the moment so have enjoyed using this.

Would I purchase?  Yes.  It’s a lovely smelling serum that works well in my routine.  No reactions, no pilling or any other negative effects.

Divine Face Oil

Divine Face Oil, Antipodes

Initial Impressions:  I have used Rosehip oil for a while now in a few different night-time oils and it’s a great anti-ageing product.  Mixing this with the Avocado oil, Jasmine and Sweet orange and it’s a lovely smelling, super rich oil that has been leaving my skin feeling amazing the morning after use.

My Thoughts now:  I am a fan of face oils and this is a nice one.  I do tend to use a sleep cream or moisturiser over the top of this because I find it sits on my skin a bit longer than I’d like if I were to finish my routine at the application of the oil.  It also layers perfectly fine.

Would I purchase?  I would purchase however I do have other oils that I prefer but it is a really nice oil.

Rejoice Light Facial Day Cream

Antipodes Skincare

Initial Impressions:  The day cream is much thicker than I am used to…there’s no other way to put it!  Unfortunately this texture isn’t one that really suits my skin, especially in the morning as I found it left my skin a bit tight.  I will continue using this so that I can form a proper opinion on it, but perhaps only in my evening routine.  As I always say though, what suits my skin may not suit yours and vice versa, I can only form my opinions on how I find the products on my skin.

My Thoughts now:  My thoughts on this cream hasn’t changed.  I can imagine this would be good for oily skin but as my skin is more combination, I find it leaves my skin dry and tight.  My skin prefers more hydrating moisturisers.  

Would I purchase?  This day cream isn’t for me based on my skin type.  If you have oily skin you may like this … it is certainly the kind of moisturiser I used to go for when I had very oily skin!

Overall I rate Antipodes skincare highly based on these products and also the products that I have been sent previously.  If you react to essential oils such as lavender then you may want to be cautious.  

Antipodes do have a whole range of products so head over to their website to check them out!

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