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Christmas Beauty Brawl Day 8

Day 8 of 10 on the Christmas Beauty Brawl is looking for a Face Mask!

I love a good face mask and have tried a few, sheet masks, clay masks, bubble masks (that was funny!) and in September I was sent a lovely package from Anatomicals UK.  I don’t think I have mentioned these masks on my blog so far but posted about them on Instagram as I used them.

I have tried three of their masks, all of which have quirky names….

‘Look, you’ve got chocolate all over your face’ anti stress mask

‘Makes your skin brighter (if not you)’ Strawberry + yarrow face mask

‘That’s what we call Well Stung’ Skin boosting honey mask

After trying just one of these masks I was super impressed with them.  My skin felt smoother and looked brighter, especially after the honey one.  The mask is applied and left to work for 10-15 minutes so I used this as an excuse to hop into a warm bath for a soak!  I have since used all three of these and think they’re great and they also smell DIVINE!

The packaging is a simple sachet which can be quite messy but that shouldn’t detract from the product as they are very good masks.  I do prefer my masks in a pot, however these a fantastic for travel!

Price wise….from £1!  You can’t go wrong with that!  You can pick these up for a skin pick me up for as little as £1!

Scores from 100?


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Disclaimer:  These items were sent to me for review by Anatomicals.  All opinions expressed are my own and it was my choice to add links to any websites throughout this post.  Any website links included are not affiliate links and I will not earn commission through you using any link in this post. 

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