Christmas Beauty Brawl Day 3

Christmas Beauty Brawl Day 3 is ‘Hair Mask’

A hair mask is something that I tend to forget about!  I am constantly looking into skincare in terms of cleansers, toners, serums, moisturisers and of course masks.  I think I neglect my hair when it comes to actual treatments and I tend to just wash and condition it and that’s it!   I do have a review coming of some new hair care products I have but I have chosen not to use them for the Beauty Brawl as I haven’t formed my opinion on them yet so watch this space for some newness!  😛

So back to today’s product which is the Percy & Reed Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Balm.  Not quite a mask but one of my favourite hair products that really adds to the condition of my hair.  I LOVE this!  I so far haven’t got around to purchasing the full size as I have had a few 30ml sample sizes of them so as I mentioned, I don’t use them very often so these have lasted me a while.

I apply it to my hair after washing and before drying.  My hair is super soft, smooth and more manageable when I have used this.

The tube packaging is pretty good.  As much as I’m not a massive fan of tubes, when they’re almost finished, I cut the top to get to the last bits!!  😛

Price wise, the full size of this is £18 for 75ml which is more than I would usually spend on my hair, however, given the product is so good I don’t mind paying that bit extra!

Score from 100?

Percy & Reed Wonder Balm

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